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Sickness Stinks

First it was Blake, then Marcela, then my dad, then me, then Marcela again. I hate it when I don’t feel right. Marcela is home with body aches and a fever and isn’t going to be with the rest of the LPC folks at the theater today. I dragged myself to work today, but I must admit that I feel much better than yesterday, and many times better than the day before. I did not get the full stomach bug that Marcela or my dad got, thank the Lord for that. I am on the mend. I’m also completely off my diet. I’m eating a lot of crackers, sweets, tomato soup, and no meats right now. I hope I don’t actually gain weight while I’m sick.


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Low Fat Makes Us Fat?

In the LA Times Health section there is an article which insinuates that the low fat craze of the 80’s and 90’s is to blame for America’s growing waistline.  Of course, a low fat diet did not make me fat, and you can trust that I know that for a fact. But the theory in the article, while total speculation is interesting. The article backs up its claim with no true scientific research.

In a nutshell, the theory states that America was told by the FDA that a diet low in fat and high in fiber was ideal. Naturally, a diet low in fat is going to be high in carbs and have a high glycemic load. Carbohydrate rich diets cause blood sugar to rise and crash making you feel more hungry and making your insulin levels go up and down. This causes you to gain weight. Most of the supporting information in the article is proven, but I didn’t see any research which suggested that the low-fat craze of years past directly relates to Americans getting fatter.

Well, I am eating lower carb, high protein foods. Though I miss the potatoes, pasta, rice, bread, and sweets, I can say that the steaks, fish, eggs, and cheese are compensating.

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