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Marcela returns from Colorado, Part 2

In this episode, Phillip explains what he has been eating while Marcela has been gone.  It is a good thing Marcela came home!



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Bus drivers in Cayman Islands also provide entertainment!

While we were in the Cayman Islands on the way to snorkel the barrier reef, our bus driver showed us how talented he was.  Safety first!  LOL

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This is the coolest dog ever!

Hey, we knew Spuds McKenzie was cool. But he has nothing on Tyson.  Maybe one day, Max can attain just a fraction of Tyson’s coolness. One problem is that our little fluffy pal Max is too often mistaken for a girl.  But then again in these days, that’s not a disqualifying factor.

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From the “What’s Up With That?” files

Here is a Christmas edition of the “What’s Up With That?” files.


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From the “What’s up with that?” files

Hold on to your Yorkies!

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From the “What’s Up With That?” Files

I laughed so hard when I saw this that I had to share it.  Enjoy this responsibly.

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From the “What’s Up With That?” files

If Trav can, then so can I!


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