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Hurricane Repellent Kit

Hurricane Repellent Kit

Hurricane Repellent Kit

For the low, low price of just 3 paments of $29.99 +$9.99 shipping and handling, you too can have your very own hurricane repellent kit with a limited guarantee to protect you in the event of an approaching tropical system.  The kit includes one can of Vienna Sausages, a 12 pack of batteries (choose from AA or AAA), and one bottle of purified water.  Instructions are simple: board or shutter all windows and get your hurricane kit out.  The hurricane will change course and hit someone else.  If the hurricane does hit, as the winds start to pick up just open the water bottle and vienna sausages and consume.  Besure to place the batteries into a flashlight and/or a radio and turn them on.  You will be safe!  This comes with a full money back guarantee.  Just pay shipping and handling.


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Ike Computer Models Update

As you can see, the current models are pretty much in agreement that the storm will either hit Cuba, go between Cuba and the Keys, or hit the lower Keys directly.  We are anything but out of the woods yet, but I feel better this evening than I did this morning.

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