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Topped Thoughts 4/10/08

  • I am dealing with the reality of being the lowest man in seniority at a job where seniority is important. As of Saturday, I will be back on night shift.
  • I have documentation that it is a temporary move until the outage at the plant is over.
  • I now have a few more friends on twitter. Come on and twitter with me.
  • I have been inspired by my brother’s online activities and have entered the arena of the “interweb”. For only $.99 plus a $.20 for a fee to a mandatory service which I don’t understand, I am now at www.phillipjohnson.info.
  • GoDaddy advertizes some great deals, until you check out and realize that in order to keep the site you just registered, you have to pay a lot more than you think. 99 cents to register a site for one year, $9.99 for two years, $90.90 for 10 years, plus all the other add ons.
  • Now that I am on nights again, I will at least be able to be at church on Sundays instead of being at work.
  • I might be a little tired Sunday morning and will need to head back home to bed immediately following music at the 10:30 service, but we are going to have some fun with Reina leading music this Sunday.
  • There is some great intellectual debate going here amongst a few of us using only cliché and overused metaphor. Who will win?
  • Operation Chaos: Rush the Vote is in full effect and supposedly having great effect. I think it’s hilarious.


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