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Bottom 3: Christmas Presents

If any gift is given with sincerity, then there is really no bad gift. But, there are times when I look back at a gift I’ve given and ask myself,”What was I thinking? That was a bad idea.”

Here is my list of the three worst Christmas gift.

#3. The Iron – I’m not talking about a great set of irons for that avid golfer in the family; I’m talking about the Rowenta that shows your wife what you are really thinking about at Christmas. The iron is representative of so many other items one could give, like a mop, a vacuum cleaner, or a new container of Tide concentrated laundry soap.

#2. The Chia Pet – “Makes a great gift!”. Yea, maybe for an aspiring young gardner who lives in a high rise apartment building. Seriously, are the clapper, chia pet, and garden weasel type items really purchased and given as gifts?

#1. The Reindeer Christmas Sweater – I think everyone gets a gift like this every year. It’s the gift that never gets worn out, but not because it’s durable; it’s because it never gets worn. It’s the special Christmas red or green sweater with a reindeer, a Santa, or snowman on the front. This gift is also represented by the Christmas tie, Christmas socks, Christmas mug, Christmas beanie, and Christmas underwear presents.

Remember, context is everything. So if Aunt Edna gives you a hand made sweater, she put a lot of time and effort into that gift. And if little Johnny picks out a cute gadget gift that really HE wanted, you have to receive that gift in the spirit it was intended, with love and thoughtfulness. And if your wife or mom give you a new pack of socks, maybe she’s trying to help you out because you’re a bum who will wear the same pair of socks until your toes pop through the front.


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Saturday Top 5: Bob Marley

Though Bob Marley’s reliance on a misguided religion ended up costing his own life, he did have some very big ideas and he also seemed to have a big heart.  He was responsible for bringing Jamaica’s music to the world, and his influence on so many pop and rock groups are so understated.  He also followed the Biblical command to “be fruitful and multiply” considering that he had a minimum of 13 known children (he claimed one of the girls as his own daughter though he was not the biological father).  These are my favorite Bob Marley songs for their musical and aesthetic value.

Honorable Mention:

I Shot the Sheriff – Clapton did a great remake of this song which was just as good as the original version, IMO.  But this was a cool tune.

#5. Three Little Birds – This great song was featured in the movie “I Am Legend“, which was perfect because it is a song of hope in the middle of a bleak end of world scenario.  I am sure part of the reason for the song was that Three Little Birds was included in a posthumous greatest hits album “Legend“.

#4. Turn Your Lights Down Low – It was remade into a hit single by Lauryn Hill (probably her biggest hit) with Bob Marley’s vocals from the original on it.  I love the original best.  It definitely has an Eric Clapton feel to it, and it was not really a reggae song, but more of a pop/rock song.

#3. One Love – This has to be the most recognizable and popular song Bob Marley wrote and performed, thanks now in part to the Jamaica tourism commercials.  I love the message of peace and unity and salvation in this song.

#2. No Woman, No Cry – I know the grammar is not correct, but that’s not so bad because the tune is so good.  A couple of the things I really like about this song is the Hammond B-3 which underlies the song from start to finish, and the choral sound of the audience and back up vocals singing along.

#1. Iron, Lion, Zion – Released over 10 years after his death, 18 years after it was recorded, this song is just cool.  I like the driving rhythm and the emotional aspect of the melody and chord progression.

OK, so here is the part where you tell me that I’m right and I say thanks, or you say I should have included all these other songs, and then comes the part where I tell you that you are wrong.


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