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Saturday Top 5: Romantic Movies

These are my favorite 5 romantic movies. I know that many will not agree with this list, and I am open to hear other opinions on your 5 favorite romantic movies. Happy Valentine’s Day!

#5. Sleepless in Seattle – Tom Hanks may be the king of the romance film (Cary Grant, Clark Gable, or Humphrey Bogart may have an argument though). At least he is the king when it comes to chick flicks and romantic films in my lifetime. This is the ultimate chick flick which I will sheepishly raise my hand and admit to liking. I don’t think I need to describe it, but if you want a good Valentine’s day movie rental for you and the lady, this is your film.

#4. Cast Away – This romantic film doesn’t exactly end with the love interests walking away hand-in-hand with their lives together forever. But it’s still a great film about one man’s love for his lady which sustains him through years of torturous isolation on a deserted island. This is one of my all time favorite movies regardless of genre. Tom Hanks turns in perhaps his greatest performance either in spite of or due to an extended section of the movie with the only conversation being between Hanks and a volley ball named “Wilson”.

#3. Jerry McGuire – This is a great romantic movie on more than one level. What other sports movie (primarily about football) would be considered a romantic chick flick? Also, it has some of the greatest lines of any romance or sports movies made, and they are still being used and parodied over 12 years after the movie’s theatrical release. The three most memorable are: “You had me at hello.” “You complete me.” and “Show me the money!”

#2. Grease – This is musical set in 1959/1960 starring John Travolta as Danny Zuko and Olivia Newton John as Sandy Olsen. The movie focuses on these two characters and the competing social roles and peer pressures that accompany trying to fit into their groups, the T-birds and the Pink Ladies. It’s a bit of a chick flick, but it’s super cool with a soundtrack that is tops. The music was written by Frankie Valli and Barry Gibb and starred Frankie Avalon, Frankie Valli, Sh-na-na, Olivia Newton John, and John Travolta.

#1. Groundhog Day – This is the perfect romantic movie as far as I am concerned. This guy (ironically his name is Phil) gets to try over and over without end to “get it right” with the woman he is destined to be with. The best part is that every time he screws up and totally makes his love interest angry, he gets to wake up the next day and she has no memory of the event. It’s extremely funny, very sweet, and smart as far as comedies go. It’s not a total chick flick either considering it is Bill Murray’s arrogant and sarcastic humor at it’s peak.

So you may ask,”Where is Titanic, What Women Want, Forever Young, You’ve Got Mail, Casablanca, Gone With the Wind, or _________(fill in the blank)?” They are on your list. What are your favorite romantic films? Happy Valentine’s Day.


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