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Friday Bottom 3: Comedians

Obviously, it is not possible for me to assess the 3 worst comedians since the 3 worst comedians never made it.  This bottom 3 lists the worst comedian of any notoriety.  The criteria is not only the most annoying or least talented, but also the most outlandish, ridiculous, and stupid acts and performances contribute to my ranking.  If you disagree with me, please tell me why so I can laugh at how incorrect you are.  First, in assessing the worst comedians, it turns out that some of the worst are women.  No offense to the ladies, but maybe I just don’t get the type of humor that some of these ladies try to produce.  Don’t get me wrong; I believe there are some very funny women.  I don’t necessarily agree with their lifestyles or their ideology, but that is not what makes someone funny or unfunny.  To me, Ellen DeGeneres is a very funny woman.  I wouldn’t place her in a list of my favorite comedians, or even in the list of best comedians, but to ignore her talent and wit is not easy to do.  Enough!  Here is the list.

Honorable Mention: This list is too daunting.  I should have made a top 100.  Sandra Bernhard, Rosie O’Donnel, Judy Tenuta, Louie Anderson, Paula Poundstone, Gilbert Gottfried, Sarah Silverman, Carrot Top, Roseanne Barr, Michael Richards, Whoopi Goldberg, Joan Rivers, Bob Goldthwait, Elayne Boosler, and Al Franken were barely on the outside looking in at the Bottom 3.

#3. Pauly Shore – Hey buuuuuddy!  NO NO NO NO NO NO NO, and for the record NO!  This guy is beyond annoying and not funny at all.  He was a huge comedic presence in the early 90’s but he was particularly bad as early as a cartoonish support actor providing “comedic relief” in For Keeps.

#2. Dane Cook – How did this guy get to be famous?  I watched a full length special on TV by this bum and I did not find one funny moment to laugh at.  I guess I am the idiot for wasting my time.  His bit is about as funny as Roseanne Barr singing the national anthem.  I don’t know that he cannot be funny, or if it is that he tries too hard to be funny.

#1. Kathy Griffin – It’s the screechy voice, the disgustingly crass “jokes”, and the hate against everything to do with Christianity that makes me cringe when she shows up on TV.  To me, she is by far the worst comedian or comedien.


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