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Saturday Top 5: Florida Amusement Park Rides

Disclaimer: I have not been to Disney’s Animal Kingdom or Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and all water park rides are out of the question. These top 5 rides are based on my personal experience and my opinion (which is correct).

Honorable Mention

Men In Black – Universal Studios. Marcela and I have ridden MIB at least 40 times over the past 3 years. On our first trip to the park, the rain came down hard about 2 PM and cleared out the park so we went over and over and over. It is a ride that does not get boring because it is also a video game. My personal high score is over 500,000.

The Incredible Hulk – Islands of Adventure. Awesome coaster that launches you out of the tube going up. It’s also very smooth so you don’t leave it with a headache.

Sheikra – Tampa Busch Gardens. The best part of this ride is the initial drop at 90 degrees from 200 feet in the air after being suspended for a few seconds. After that, it’s a little anti-climatic, but the start is worthy of mention. They have also now removed the flooring so your feet dangle.

Kumba – Tampa Busch Gardens. A little bumpy for a standard sit-down coaster, but it has a lot of twists and loops and packs quite a bit of g-force. You might get a headache on this one.

Soarin – Disney Epcot. This is one of the most soothing and refreshing rides of all time. You sit on a bench suspended about 25 feet in the air and it simulates motion as you watch flying scenes on an Imax screen. They also pump mist and fragrances as you fly over orchards and wild flower fields. You get the sensation of flying on a hang glider.

5. The Kraken – Sea World. This was a first class thriller of a traditional sit down coaster. It starts with a drop off to your right and has a few breaks. It is a very smooth coaster but also has quite enough in the way of loops and twists. You also get to dive through some tunnels.

4. Dueling Dragons Fire & Ice– Universal Islands of Adventure. This is the baddest coaster at the Orlando Universal Resort. It’s two completely separate inverted coasters that have totally different twists and turns. The cool part is that at two points it appears that you are going to slam into the other coaster only to miss by about 12 inches and then going into a full loop. On Ice you appear to head toward a wall only to flip away last second, but Fire is the bad boy. Lots of speed loops, twists, and plenty of hard turns. AWESOME RIDE!

3. Montu – Busch Gardens. My favorite roller coaster. This is an inverted coaster (I prefer the inverted coasters) that kicks serious tail. It is Egyptian themed and travels through the ruins of the pyramids and the Sphinx. It starts with one of the biggest drops on any coaster in FL, but since it is an inverted coaster and dives to the left at the start, you don’t even see the track that you are on during the dive. The action is totally non stop giving no time to breathe. It also has one of the longest tracks of any inverted coaster according to Busch Gardens. It dives through several tunnels as well. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this ride.

1(b). Mission: Space – Disney’s Epcot. I could not decide which ride of the top 2 was better, so I give them both their props. This ride will probably make you sick, but it is worth the possibility of a little pukage to experience this thrill. You sit in a centrifuge while facing a screen that shows you a first person view of a space launch. You have a launch button in front and a steering stick with verbal cues when to hit the buttons. As you launch, the centrifuge spins you extremely fast giving the sensation that you are blasting off. Being enclosed in such a small space with no other visual stimulus, your brain is tricked into thinking that you are moving forward very fast, not spinning. Each seat in the four passenger ship is complete with a barf bag for each person. It’s a good thing, because about half the people get off dizzy and a little queezy. It was AWESOME!

1(a). The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman 3D – Universal Islands of Adventure. The coolest tech ride of all time, Spiderman 3D combines a moving track with motion simulation and 3D! You have to don 3D glasses for this one so it can be a bit annoying for some, but it puts the action right in your face. At one point, Spiderman jumps on the hood of your vehicle and it feels like he is right there! You are on a track riding in “The Scoop” (a vehicle that allows you to get the shots of that menace Spiderman) through the streets trying to get pictures of Spiderman. As you come on his enemies doing bad things, you are attacked and launched in the air, dragged over sky scrapers, and eventually dropped hundreds of feet to the ground face first only to be saved at the last second by Spiderman. Throughout the ride as you are attacked, Spiderman is shooting in and out of each scene with timely rescues from the attacks of the villains. You get the sensations of flying, falling, being sprayed by a little water, heat from fire as you are attacked, and crashing into all sorts of things. This is another ride that does not get old. It also mixes live pyrotechnics, water, and 3D cartoon with cool music. As you wait in line for an hour to get on the ride, you get to see all sorts of Spiderman stuff and views from the inside of the Daily Bugle where Peter Parker works. Too fun man! Buy the express pass or ride single rider to avoid the long wait.

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Fried Thoughts

  • I have the day off today.  Marcela and I made a list of things to do for today so I will make it productive unlike Monday.
  • Monday I had the day off and wasted it sleeping and watching TV.  I felt so guilty, and I didn’t even really enjoy it.
  • I have reached a different thought process in my life, totally different than about 4 years ago and before.  I hate sleeping, I hate wasting a day, I hate being couped up in my house.  I want to get out and do something whether it is productive or not.  I just don’t like to waste time sleeping.
  • Today I will pay bills, visit the bank, get a haircut, do some grocery shopping, and one or two other things outside the realm.
  • I have a cold or something.  It’s some fever (I think it’s broken now), headache, sore throat, cough, stuffy head, and a little fatigue.  I actually hope it’s a cold, that way I know it will be gone in a day or two.
  • Orlando finally took one.  They have to take one in Detroit to have a shot.  If not, Detroit will most likely be up against Boston for the East finals.
  • Kobe was awarded the league MVP, and LA won their 6th straight.  He’s predicting that LA will be playing into June.  I can’t really disagree with him at this point.
  • San Antonio is in deep.  They are going to need to do something really special to make it out of the semi’s against the Hornets. I am a true Heat fan, but my second team is the Spurs (if you are allowed to do that). I’ve been a big fan since the early days of the Admiral David Robinson.  But Tim Duncan and Toni Parker are just class acts.  We will see if they have the stuff to pull this one out.
  • I got a pat on the back at work and some certificates to the cafeteria for going to night shift for three weeks.  THANKS!  I feel so special.
  • I’m still tweetingChris, what’s up?  Are you coming or not?
  • I’ve been listening to Dave Matthews Band quite a bit lately.  Groovy.
  • Hillary is not going to quit until someone has the necessary votes even though the pundits say it’s over.
  • It’s kind of funny to me to see the party of Al Gore and the FL recount, the party of all the fuss about one man one vote, and the party which claimed that they are against the disenfranchising of thousands of voters to turn around and disenfranchise HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of voters in Michigan and Florida.
  • Someone needs to remind the DEMOCRATS that they are supposedly the party of DEMOCRACY.  The super delegate system is not democratic.  It is completely elitist.
  • The Democrat candidate is going to be determined by party officials and elite party members, not the rank and file Democrats who voted in the primaries.

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