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My Own Thoughts

-For 5 months, overtime has been virtually non existent for me. I have worked 2 days of OT since September.

-New graduating classes, rough job market (people are hanging on to the job they have), and projects closing out combined to turn 5-10 overtime slots into 3 or more extra personnel every day, more or less.

-The only way to get overtime was to wake up on your off day at 4 AM and call in to see if the shift was running short from call outs or new projects that popped up.

-Today will is the third day of OT for me in the past 3 weeks. It’s very helpful considering that I am going on vacation.

-Today also marks a raise for me, which is going to be amplified by my OT.

-I interviewed on Monday for operations. I have been told that 40 people are fighting for 15 job openings. In all, I feel my chances are pretty slim this go around, but if this door is shut then I trust God.

-Hind sight is 20/20. I have learned so much from all my mistakes and even successes. God is so good even when (especially when) I don’t deserve it.

-This year is about 18% over. It seems like we just celebrated New Year’s Day. Wow!

-I can’t wait to get my $13 extra each week in my paycheck. This is what Democrats call a substantive tax cut.

-What’s up with Pelosi dancing around like a giddy school girl during Obama’s address to the congress? How did she get where she is?

What is the website number to track porkulus spending?


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Many Thoughts

-I think I am losing my voice.
-Yesterday I got a bit of a cough and today my voice is cracking.
-I sound like I’m 13 years old.
-Overtime was offered to me Tuesday for Friday, I said yes.
-Yesterday, my overtime was cancelled.
-This morning around 5 AM, I received a call offering overtime for today. Sweet!
-Last night I parted ways with my green Glock 19. I plan on purchasing a black model 17 or 19 Glock as soon as one comes in to Lou’s (5-8 weeks).
-My vacation is approaching. April 5 is right around the corner.
-I will be snorkling, hiking, relaxing, and eating.
-Last night Marcela and I went to Capri in Homestead and used our Christmas gift certificate.
-The restaurant was packed. I was surprised to see so many people.

-After our delicious spaghetti dinner, we enjoyed a real treat… Canolis! They were so good.
-I got to see my old buddy Oral Beason last night at the Dolphin Mall.
-Oral and Dee are having twins, one boy and one girl. That will make 4 for them.
-It feels like years since I have gone fishing out on the water.
-Max is going to get a puppy cut. We are taking off his long fluffy coat since he hates being brushed so much.
-Valentine’s Day is two days away. I will work that day but I have something planned.


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Thought Omelet

-Day 12 of my bachelorhood is here. I am doing OK in case you wanted to know. The birds and plants are still alive.

-I have not heard from Marcela in two days now. She is at a camp with no electricity so she cannot charge her phone. I can hardly wait for her to get back.

-Life group last night was great. Jason facilitated and we discussed the parable of talents and it was a great discussion.

-It’s looking good for a fishing trip on Monday and/or Thursday. Overtime at work has almost totally disappeared.

-I have a trade and a special request not to get mandatory overtime on July 30 and 31. That would be lobster mini season. My brother and I will be catching some bugs.

-No overtime is good and it’s bad. It’s good so I can relax a little. It’s bad because I wanted to work as much as possible until Marcela got back.

-I decided to save on gas mileage and drive Marcela’s beautiful little Chevy Cavalier (it’s a gorgeous little car!) to work instead of the truck while she is away. A few people at work have laughed at the little thing. I don’t blame them one bit, but I will continue to save the money.

-I found a site for free games for my Blackberry. I have sudoku now. 🙂

-The Citizen Cane is now the #1 result when you google the term “annoying songs” because of this post which is now my #1 most visited post of all time, and also #1 when you search google for pictures using the term “beetle juice shrunken head” because of this post.

-I’m really look forward to church this week. Word on the street is that the videos this week are going to be some of the funniest ever.


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