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Pure Thoughts

  • Football season is upon us. It’s the only sport that really gets my blood flowing. Other sports are fun and fill the gap between off season, but football is the one I really love. The Dolphins and the Canes look much improved over last year.
  • Politics are also upon us, also. It is no secret (and many who read here may disagree with me) that I am a conservative. I have strong opinions on the right to life, individual freedom and responsibility, RTKBA, the economy, and taxes. So far, the most significant political decision I have ever witnessed in American politics was McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin for Vice Presidential running mate.
  • Governor Palin is a committed Christian, a mother of 5, a true pro life idealist who practices what she preaches. She has been attacked since the first day she was selected. So far, her family has been attacked, feminists and leftists have attacked her ability to parent, she has had her Christianity questioned, her experience and ability has been attacked, and her “lipstick on a pit bull” joke has been turned around to lipstick on a pig by several Democrats including Barack Obama. One prominent state Democrat chairperson stated that her primary qualification was that she did not have an abortion. The attacks have been vicious and brutal. Through all of that, McCain went from a 6 point deficit in the opinion polls to a 5 point lead. The mud slinging has back fired, and McCain comes out looking like a genius for this pick.
  • I have posted before that I support McCain/Palin for several reasons:
  1. The Economy: We do not need to raise taxes on anyone, especially the upper class and business owners who already carry the largest portion of the tax burned in this country. Our progressive tax code borders on socialist redistribution of wealth.
  2. The Courts: 2 or more SCOTUS Justices will retire in the next 4 years. McCain has promised to appoint strict constructionists to the courts, not judges who will make up the law and state that the Constitution is a living breathing document. That has implications for Roe v Wade (a horrible decision), RTKBA, freedom of speech, property rights, and separation of church and state (the freedom to worship). Right now the court sits at 4 constructionists and 5 “living document” justices, one of which is a moderate swing judge. Of the 3 most likely to retire in the next 4 years, they are 3 of the 4 most radical left wing judges on the bench. One judge could change this nation for the better.
  3. Security: We need a president who can make a decision and live with it. I trust McCain to protect this country from the many enemies in this world who want the US to fail and would love to attack us. Obama has not made real decisions in his lifetime, and that’s probably a good thing. His view of the world is that we should sit down with our enemies and chat. I want a president who is able to sit and talk when appropriate, but has the guts and experience to stand up our enemies. McCain is that man.
  • With all of the above in mind, both campaigns are avoiding one of America’s biggest concerns. What is going on with Social Security and Medicare? These entitlement programs have become monsters, not only of obligation to the promises made to those who have paid in and deserve to be treated with respect, but also streams of revenue for the government. Estimates (that have been pretty accurate) are that by 2017, the system will not be bringing in enough money to pay obligations. The money that is being robbed out of the account to pay our minimum bills will be less that we need another 20 years later. Therefore, we will have to raise the caps, reduce benefits, raise the benefit age, raise taxes, or some such thing, just to keep the system afloat for a few more years. This does not even address how to fix the problem. This is only a stop gap. To the Republicans, this is an issue that is scary to touch. It is used as a political weapon to attack anyone who wants to change it. To the Democrats (who ignorantly say the system is solid), it is a goose laying their golden eggs (votes). Yet, to this point, nobody is talking about it in this election. I guess we are just going to pass the buck along to each president until it is a full scale crisis and let him or her take the blame.
  • As I see it, the only president that tried to present a solution was George W Bush who was burned on his privatized system (which would work). After he was burned, instead of going back to the drawing board he did the opposite. He added to the bloat. The prescription drug benefit just made the system bigger and more untouchable. This has been a failure, not a success for this administration.
  • 7 years ago today, our nation was attacked ruthlessly and without provocation. Thousands of innocent American citizens perished in those attacks. Included in those who perished were fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, businessmen, firemen, police officers, military personnel, great financial minds, simple janitors, hard working men and women, and concerned American citizens trying to save others. We should honor them this anniversary. We should not forget their sacrifice. We should never take for granted that we have not been attacked on our soil in 7 years. The next time you see a man or woman in uniform, whether they are firefighters, police, or military, take the time to say thank you. I know they would appreciate it. It may seem corny to you, but I have seen the look in the eye of a man and woman in uniform who have been greeted by a complete stranger and thanked for the job they do in keeping our nation free, and they really appreciated it.
  • We will never forget.

    We will never forget.

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Presidential Election Turned Upside Down

Who would have thought that at this point in the campaign: Obama would be struggling to meet fundraising benchmarks, he would be trying to hide celebrities, as the ticket of “change” he would be running with an establishment Democrat (Biden) while trying to suppress his opposition by saying the VP is too inexperienced; that McCain who is a long term senator would be running his campaign on the theme of “change”, his VP candidate (Palin) would be the most popular politician in the US, his campaign would be destroying fundraising benchmarks and being greeted with huge record crowds, his VP would be the “Rock Star”, old white Republican men would be stating that a woman is best equipped to be vice president while liberal feminists would be saying that a mother of 5 should not be VP but should stay home and take care of the kids?


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Unconventional Thoughts

-This Republican ticket has really turned politics upside down. That I know of, for the first time most old white Republicans are saying that a woman is the right person to be second in command of the nation while left leaning feminists are complaining that a mother cannot do the job of VP because she should be at home taking care of her children.

-This morning, I am a little tired. I knew I had to get up at 4 AM as usual, but I was compelled to watch Governor Palin give her address to the Republican convention.

-The speech started around 10:30 PM, but did not end until almost 11:20. It was scheduled to go 40 minutes.

-Due to an uncontrollable crowd ovation when she came out, the speech went long. It was as electric and exciting a moment as I have ever witnessed.

-I was worried that she would not be able to stand up to the pressure of the moment but was totally reassured that McCain made the right choice.

-This speech was really just words, but it should make a difference for those who were worried if she could take the pressure. She pulled no punches in her jabs, she was warm and personal, and most of all she really pointed out her accomplishments (which quite surprisingly are far and above those of Senator Obama).

-Win or lose, Palin is someone to watch for the future of the conservative/pro America movement.

-It’s football season and the Life Pointe Fantasy Football league (click here for instructions to join) has 8 teams. We have room for 4 more, although 8 will be enough to have a solid league. You still have time to sign up; the draft is Sunday at 5 PM, and our first set of match ups will begin in week 2 of the NFL season.

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