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Friday Bottom 3: Movie Remakes

Some movie remakes ruin the original, some originals need modern effects and updated acting and culture to bring them to our time, and some movies just should not be remade. What category do you think these movies fall into?

Dis-Honorable Mention:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – The only reason this movie did not make the bottom 3 was that it wasn’t 100% a remake. It was a reinventing of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory which according to what I have read was somewhat darker and more loyal to the novel. Regardless, the original was a classic and was good enough!

101 Dalmations – A translation from animation to motion picture, this was a stinker and should not have been made.

#3. Psycho – Most critics agree that this movie brought nothing new, original, or better in any aspect compared to the original. This movie also fits into the category of those movies that should not be remade. The original was almost perfect.

#2. King Kong – This is the 1976 remake with Jeff Bridges. The major differences between the 1933 original and this one are: The original was shocking and imaginative while the 70’s remake was not; the original used ground breaking special effects while the 70’s remake used a man in a monkey suit; and the original contained excellent acting… You get the “picture”. I am glad Peter Jackson remade the remake.

#1. Planet of the Apes – SPOILER ALERT While the original did have men dressed in monkey suits, the concept is one of the aspects that really made the movie great. Earth sends astronauts to explore, they land on a planet where man does not speak and apes are intellegent. The ending which was totally removed in the remake revealed that the planet was earth and “they blew it up!”. The remake brought a little more action but none of the drama or shock of the original. The difference was so great that this movie earns #1.

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Saturday Top 5: Sci-Fi Movies

For those that haven’t noticed, I like movies. Sci-Fi movies are particularly fun for me. For my list, I have almost completely eliminated Horror flicks from my list. I have also grouped franchises in one place and added a few honorable mentions. So here is my list of the top 5 Science Fiction movies ever made.

Honorable Mention:
2001: A Space Odyssey – It’s a bit of a slow film, and it can be a little bit confusing, but the music and scenery are amazing. The highlight of the movie may be the chimps learning to use weapons.

ET – How did they make such an ugly character so lovable? Only Spielberg could have pulled that one off.

Soylent Green – Chuck Heston stars in this film about a bleak future where populations are out of control and food is rationed by the government in little colored wafers. I won’t tell you what Soylent Green is made from, but I can tell you that it ain’t lettuce.

The Terminator – This franchise is about a computer system gone mad which sends a robot/android back through time to kill a future rebel leader while he’s a kid. The whole series has some great twists, action, characters, and quotes. “I’ll be back!”

#5. Planet of the Apes – Chuck Heston makes the list again with this sci-fi film about a crew of astronauts which land on a planet run by talking apes which have enslaved non-talking humans. What planet could this be? The end, like Soylent Green, is pretty dramatic with a major twist.

#4. Blade Runner – Harrison Ford stars as a bounty hunter/agent out to destroy some criminal replicants, androids that look, act, and think just like a real human. He has a test which can determine if they are real or impostors, but maybe he should try it on himself. This is a seriously good movie.

#3. Back to the Future – Michael J. Fox leads the way in this fun and funny 80’s franchise about time travel and the effects of tinkering with the past. These flicks tie in a bit of a western theme and actually predicts a World Series win by a Miami baseball team. This is a movie I can watch just about any time.

#2. Star Wars – Harrison Ford makes his second appearance in my list with a classic tale of good vs evil. I loved this whole franchise but I wasn’t to keen on Jar Jar. He may be one of the most annoying movie characters of all time (stay tuned for a future Top 5). One of the greatest heroes (Luke) and greatest villains (Darth Vader) have it out in this series. This movie franchise brought about the best special FX for it’s time.

#1. The Matrix – I love this franchise because of the way it values reality over the perception of what is reality of the characters. The heroes are fighting for a free world which is a hard existence as opposed to false reality which is a much easier and more pleasant life. The action and special FX, like Star Wars, are revolutionary. Much of the movie uses religious metaphor and imagery. The movies also have a running theme, that is that even though it seems that everything is destiny, you have a choice.

Think I missed something? You ask,”What about Star Trek, Alien, Minority Report, or Jurassic Park?”. If you think you can do better, make a list and I’ll gladly tell you why I am right.


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