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Conventional Thoughts

  • I am just about in full swing politically now, having followed the true story of the Beijing Olympics, and now watching the Democrats in Denver.  Things will be getting interesting… for me anyway.
  • Last night, I watched old Slick Willy AKA President Clinton light up the crowd in Denver.  His speech stated that he would be supporting Obama, but I missed any details (other than that he is a Democrat) why anyone else should vote FOR Obama.  I heard exactly what I expected to hear.  “When I was president, everything was great, the country was great, the economy was great, the world loved us” etc.  What I didn’t hear was,”Obama is the best man for the job because _____________________.”  You will have to fill in the blank, because I don’t think “community organizer” or law professor is a good enough reason.
  • Biden’s speech was pretty good, but I did feel that it went from a heart warming piece into an attempt to paint John McCain as a poor choice.  Unfortunately, when Biden or any Democrat starts talking foreign affairs in a dangerous world, people start to think long and hard about who they want as commander in chief.  When he mentioned Russia/Georgia, the crowd died.  Fair or unfair, Democrats are not perceived as being strong enough to lead us in the world when there are rough times.
  • Biden’s speech didn’t connect with the crowd, certainly not the way Bill Clinton’s did.  At this point, Obama’s bounce shouldn’t be astronomical, though I assure you he will get a bounce.  John McCain should announce sometime tomorrow around 11 AM who he has selected for VP.  My dad is predicting Romney.
  • On to other stuff.  Tonight is the opening game of the season for the Hurricanes.  You will see me up at Joe Robbie…. er, Dolphin Stadium to watch the Canes get a little practice in against Charleston Southern.  If we make 10 wins this year, it will be extremely successful.  It’s sad how expectations have fallen recently.
  • It’s lobster season and I am still trying to get out.  Monday night looks really good!  Snook season starts that night too, so maybe we can grab a slot and some bugs.
  • I called the park ranger to ask how many bug we get, and when he said 60 each person I was ecstatic.  Then I realized he said “six to each person” and I was back to reality.  🙂  That was for Brian, if he is reading.
  • If you are interested in politics and especially from the point of view of a great American young man who is in living in exile from Cuba, check out Roberto Reports.  He has some good things to say and just recently started blogging.
  • Things are going to be changing up at LPC soon!  As of September 14, we will be going to 3 services on Sunday morning: 8:30 AM, 9:45 AM, and 11:00 AM all in the same Pier 2 at Flagship Cinemas at the Campbell Drive exit of Florida’s Turnpike.  I will be at all three, but I will see you guys at the 8:30, right?  🙂
  • O’course I will be working this week, so I won’t get to be at the theater Sunday morning.  But, I will see you next weekend, I garooooontee!


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Am I reponsible for what my pastor says?

It has recently come to the public attention that Barack H Obama’s pastor believes that “the chickens came home to roost” on 9/11/01. He stated that this is the US of KKKA, black Americans should not sing God bless America but rather God d*** America, that the US created the AIDS virus to oppress the poor, that the US is an oppressor of black people, that the US is a terrorist nation, and that the US is hypocritical because we support state sponsored terrorism against the Palestinian people (that is to say Israel is the real terrorist nation in the Mideast). Click here for some excerpts. Is Mr. Obama Responsible for what the Reverend Jeremiah Wright says?

Well, yes he is. Wright was a member of his campaign team. Wright was his pastor, spiritual leader, and mentor for 20 years. If he was attending for a short period, and the quotes in question came to light, he could easily distance himself from this bigoted hate-monger. There is a lot more to this story, though. This is a good example of why it helps to “be put through the wringer” early in the vetting process. This stuff should have come out long ago: either to end his candidacy while the Dems still have chances to look at other people, or to give him ample opportunity to develop a position that would totally shield him from this criticism. The liberal-loving media tossed softballs at Mr. Obama for a long time, but it is definitely coming back to haunt him in a big way.

To me, it explains a lot about his wife’s comment that this is the first time in her adult life that she is proud of her country, and that she believes America is a mean nation. Mr. Obama has also stated that this inflammatory figure is his mentor and spiritual leader. Obama and WrightThat ratchets up the connection many times more than had he just been an attender or member of his church. Mr. Obama stated that he was shocked to learn that his pastor said these things (though they are public statements), and he totally rejected those statements. He said he would have left the church and made a public statement about this one year ago, but he knew that Wright was retiring within a year. If unity was his goal, what difference does it make if he is retiring in a year, a day, twenty years? The right thing to do is the right thing to do, regardless of time. He likened Wright (who was on his campaign advisory board) to a crazy uncle who shows up at the family reunion and says and does silly things that nobody agrees with. Are you kidding me? Since when do you make the crazy nut case uncle in your family your mentor and a high-ranking member of your campaign team? Let’s just be honest here; Obama was not properly vetted. His church of which he has been so proud up to this point has given an award to Louis Farrakhan (he openly calls Israel terrorists, called Judaism a “gutter religion”, and has been supportive of Islamic terrorism).

Ultimately, the level of one’s responsibility to what their surrogate says depends on the depth of the comment. Obviously, if it isn’t a serious issue, or if the comment was isolated, it wouldn’t be hard to be distanced from it. But since these comments by his mentor and long time pastor/spiritual leader have followed in a pattern of very serious allegations against the US, it is almost impossible for me to see the disconnect. In my opinion, this will hurt Obama, badly. He may even be undone in his own bid for the Democratic nomination. Without a doubt, he will not be able to stand up to scrutiny in the general election.

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