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NFL “Pickem” Second Chance

We got a late start and had low registration and Paul had technical difficulties getting his team together this week.  That leaves the competition in LPC pickem between Trav and myself.  So, I created a second chance league that does not use the Vegas line.  This is a straight winner/loser pickem league.  Let’s see if the Life Pointe ESPN crew knows what they are talking about.

To enter, visit http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/pickem/register/joingroup and enter the group ID # as 74798 and the password lpc.  If you don’t have a yahoo account, you will need to register a free yahoo account.  If you know anyone that thinks they know anything about sports, tell them to bring it on.  The more, the merrier!

Pastor Trav, Jesse, Alex, Kelly, and yours truly will be in this league, hopefully along with Chris, Paul, Mark, Victor, Richard, and all the other football freaks and even casual pig skinners at LPC.  You get one point for every correct pick you make.


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Monday’s armchair athlete

In the world of fantasy football, the young whipper snapper Ritz has surprised me. This week his team squared off against mine. Poor management on my part cost me plenty of points. Though I do expect to make up the 8 points needed to win the game, I will kick myself for not starting Reggie Bush. Had I started Bush instead of Turner, or Rivers for Romo (of course I wouldn’t have done that), then I would have already won the game. At this point, I need Romo and Owens to outscore Marion Barber by 8 fantasy points to win my game. That is a very “doable” goal.

On to my picks against the vegas spread, I got 6 of 12 games correct with 1 push (Carolina) and one postponed game. I had a couple games that I just flat out got wrong (Green Bay, Miami, and New York) even though I expected Miami to lose the game, I thought the line was too high. But I had several games where late plays cost me the win. I was right on a couple games where pick distrtibution was somewhere around 80% to 20%. But for the most part, picks were pretty evenly distributed. I don’t understand what New England was the dog against NYJ, but I went with NE and was proven correct. So far, I lead our tiny group of LPC pickem players, but only by 1 over paul and 2 over Trav.

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Updated: Fantasy Football and Pro Fotball Pickem

Please check out the updated blog entry from yesterday. Follow the instructions and get ready to roll!

The address once again is https://thecitizencane.wordpress.com/2008/08/28/fantasy-football-and-pro-football-pick-em/.

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