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Saturday Top 5: Pets

These are my favorite animals as pets.

#5. Rabbits – I had a rabbit when I was a kid.  These guys are cute, smart, and pretty clean.  They also do not make much noise.  They poop in little pellets which does help in clean up.  Unfortunately, they drop hair and they aren’t really good for anything but dinner.  LOL JK They make good pets if they get used to being handled.  And what is cuter than a little bunny?

#4. Betta (fish) – The great thing about bettas is that they live in a little filterless tank.  They are happy in a small enclosure, easy to care for, easy to move around, beautiful, and they only live 3 years (give or take a little).  That means they won’t burden you down with their care for too long.  Get a pair and put them in two tank beside each other and watch them flare up ready for battle.  Did I mention that all the most beautiful ones are males?

#3. Cats/Kittens – Admittedly, I would never want a cat in my house.  They make the house smell, they are aloof, they require attention to prevent hairballs and destructive behavior, they drop hair everywhere, and they are natural hunters which makes it hard to have some of the other pets mentioned in this list along with the cat.  However, they can be cuddly at times and when they are in the mood make great hands on pets.

#2. Parrots – I am a fan of birds because they are so smart.  They look at you and you can tell they are thinking and problem solving.  They can be mischievous and noisy at times, but they are good pets.  They also can be kept in a cage while you are gone at work and you don’t have to feel guilty.

#1. Dogs – Of course, did you think any different?  I love dogs, puppies, big dogs, little ones, mean looking dogs, cute dogs, long haired dogs, shaggy dogs, short haired dogs, it doesn’t matter.  Dogs are man’s best friend!  They look to you for protection, food, shelter and love.  When you come home, your dog doesn’t care if you had a great day or a lousy day at work.  He just wags and licks as always.  No pet in the world can compare with a loyal dog.


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The Youth Fair and vicious bunnies

Phil and Marcela at the Youth FairYesterday afternoon, Marcela and I enjoyed a day at the fair. We spent most of our time in the exhibits looking at the artwork and school projects. Marcela always fusses at me when we go to the fair because I kinda sorta in a way rush her through the exhibits. Being a school teacher, she is always interested in seeing what she could submit to the fair for exhibition. She loves to look at all the presentations the kids make, especially the ones about different cultures. We also enjoyed the awesome carnival foodage! I had half a gyro, half an order of curly fries, half an arepa (Kelly’s favorite), half a virgin pina colada, one corndog, and a couple of mini donuts with cinnamon and sugar. It really was delicious, but I promise it was not as much as it seems! 🙂

We also spent quite a bit of time looking at the rabbits, the geese, the chickens, turkeys, quails, hatching chicks, pheasants, and a very beautiful peacock. Wilsonetta would have been swooning over that fancy guy!

Holland Lop

Marcela fell in love with a little brown Holland Lop (first place in his category) that wanted to be petted so bad that he stuck his little bunny nose against the cage and didn’t move an inch as long as Marcela was petting him. The animal keeper for the rabbits and guinea pigs informed us that this sweet little guy who really does love attention and seems so innocent is actually mean to him. He said the rabbit bites him every time he sticks his hand in the cage to feed or clean him. He demonstrated this by trying to give the little guy some hay and the rabbit ran at him like a little rabbit shaped attack dog, started flinging hay everywhere in the cage, and tried to bite him! The Rabbit of Caerbannog wasn’t quite this vicious.

Finally, we had enough walking around, food, exhibits, cattle shows, salesmen pushing their leather and jewelry cleaners, etc., so we took off so I could be in bed to be up for another workday. Thankfully, I got to work this morning and they sent me home since I was the highest in NRC hours. I got paid for 4 hours but didn’t have to do anything but sit through the 15 minute briefing. WOOHOO! Maybe I will go back to the fair today. Just kidding.


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