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Topped Thoughts 4/10/08

  • I am dealing with the reality of being the lowest man in seniority at a job where seniority is important. As of Saturday, I will be back on night shift.
  • I have documentation that it is a temporary move until the outage at the plant is over.
  • I now have a few more friends on twitter. Come on and twitter with me.
  • I have been inspired by my brother’s online activities and have entered the arena of the “interweb”. For only $.99 plus a $.20 for a fee to a mandatory service which I don’t understand, I am now at www.phillipjohnson.info.
  • GoDaddy advertizes some great deals, until you check out and realize that in order to keep the site you just registered, you have to pay a lot more than you think. 99 cents to register a site for one year, $9.99 for two years, $90.90 for 10 years, plus all the other add ons.
  • Now that I am on nights again, I will at least be able to be at church on Sundays instead of being at work.
  • I might be a little tired Sunday morning and will need to head back home to bed immediately following music at the 10:30 service, but we are going to have some fun with Reina leading music this Sunday.
  • There is some great intellectual debate going here amongst a few of us using only cliché and overused metaphor. Who will win?
  • Operation Chaos: Rush the Vote is in full effect and supposedly having great effect. I think it’s hilarious.


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Covered Thoughts

  1. Kansas vs Davidson last night was a historic game. If Davidson won they would be the first 10 seed to make the final four. If Kansas won, it would mark the first time all four teams in the final four were 1 seeds.
  2. Davidson was 1 play short of being David to Kansas’ Goliath. Dell Curry’s son didn’t get an open shot so he dished to a teammate who threw up an NBA 3 pointer.
  3. I opened a twitter account and started twittering.
  4. Jesse needs to put all the videos on youtube.
  5. I missed being at church yesterday.
  6. Tomorrow’s “profiles” blog entry is going to be great. My dad is writing again about a massive event in 1992 at the church. He really needs to start up his blog so he can write about all his adventures.
  7. Someone at work told me that Communism was a good system on paper; he said the only reason it doesn’t work is because man won’t let it. I know what Glenn Beck means when he says that he needs to duct tape his head so it won’t explode! This guy at work said communism ignores the human factor and that is why it doesn’t work. Any system that is set up for man, yet ignores man is not a system that can work EVEN on paper. DUH!
  8. The Democrats are trying to get Rush Limbaugh indicted for “Operation Chaos”. That’s ridiculous. Rush is cracking me up on this one.
  9. Word on the street is that the Canes will go three deep at RB this year. Could be a fun year for this team.
  10. I want to go see Horton Hears a Who this week.
  11. I wrote this entry from work but I had to get home to add the links.


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