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Topped Thoughts 4/10/08

  • I am dealing with the reality of being the lowest man in seniority at a job where seniority is important. As of Saturday, I will be back on night shift.
  • I have documentation that it is a temporary move until the outage at the plant is over.
  • I now have a few more friends on twitter. Come on and twitter with me.
  • I have been inspired by my brother’s online activities and have entered the arena of the “interweb”. For only $.99 plus a $.20 for a fee to a mandatory service which I don’t understand, I am now at www.phillipjohnson.info.
  • GoDaddy advertizes some great deals, until you check out and realize that in order to keep the site you just registered, you have to pay a lot more than you think. 99 cents to register a site for one year, $9.99 for two years, $90.90 for 10 years, plus all the other add ons.
  • Now that I am on nights again, I will at least be able to be at church on Sundays instead of being at work.
  • I might be a little tired Sunday morning and will need to head back home to bed immediately following music at the 10:30 service, but we are going to have some fun with Reina leading music this Sunday.
  • There is some great intellectual debate going here amongst a few of us using only cliché and overused metaphor. Who will win?
  • Operation Chaos: Rush the Vote is in full effect and supposedly having great effect. I think it’s hilarious.


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Like night and day.

For the past year, I have been working a night shift 5 to 6 days a week. My schedule was easy for me. I got up at 4pm, was at work by 5:30pm, and on my way out of the plant and on my way home around 6:30am. I almost forgot what the sun looked like. I made occasional journeys into the daylight for fishing trips or a quick run to Orlando for the weekend with my wife. But overall, I became a vampire. When I did get a day off, I had to sleep much of it away just to feel normal. That meant the only way to get a whole day off, was to get two days off and sleep one of them away. I spent most of my time on days off staying awake all night watching movies alone while Marcela was asleep. I must say, it wasn’t as tough on me as it was on Marcela. She ended up staying up way too late while I was at work and then suffered the next day dealing with her kids.

Two weeks ago, I was assigned to the day shift and I’m loving it. I get up at 4:15am, home by 7pm, in bed by 9:30pm so I can do it again. I stay up a little later on the night before a day off. It’s great to get to hang out with my family again. Instead of going to bed while Marcela was waking up to go to work, we both get to sleep together and she gets to hear me snore again. It’s been great for her, too, because now she is getting in bed early and sleeping a full night. Unfortunately, I will be out of church every other week due to my work schedule, but I will be able to enjoy the days I am at church.

The change in my schedule has been like night and day!


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