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Many Thoughts

-I think I am losing my voice.
-Yesterday I got a bit of a cough and today my voice is cracking.
-I sound like I’m 13 years old.
-Overtime was offered to me Tuesday for Friday, I said yes.
-Yesterday, my overtime was cancelled.
-This morning around 5 AM, I received a call offering overtime for today. Sweet!
-Last night I parted ways with my green Glock 19. I plan on purchasing a black model 17 or 19 Glock as soon as one comes in to Lou’s (5-8 weeks).
-My vacation is approaching. April 5 is right around the corner.
-I will be snorkling, hiking, relaxing, and eating.
-Last night Marcela and I went to Capri in Homestead and used our Christmas gift certificate.
-The restaurant was packed. I was surprised to see so many people.

-After our delicious spaghetti dinner, we enjoyed a real treat… Canolis! They were so good.
-I got to see my old buddy Oral Beason last night at the Dolphin Mall.
-Oral and Dee are having twins, one boy and one girl. That will make 4 for them.
-It feels like years since I have gone fishing out on the water.
-Max is going to get a puppy cut. We are taking off his long fluffy coat since he hates being brushed so much.
-Valentine’s Day is two days away. I will work that day but I have something planned.


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Sickness Stinks

First it was Blake, then Marcela, then my dad, then me, then Marcela again. I hate it when I don’t feel right. Marcela is home with body aches and a fever and isn’t going to be with the rest of the LPC folks at the theater today. I dragged myself to work today, but I must admit that I feel much better than yesterday, and many times better than the day before. I did not get the full stomach bug that Marcela or my dad got, thank the Lord for that. I am on the mend. I’m also completely off my diet. I’m eating a lot of crackers, sweets, tomato soup, and no meats right now. I hope I don’t actually gain weight while I’m sick.


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