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Fried Thoughts

  • I have the day off today.  Marcela and I made a list of things to do for today so I will make it productive unlike Monday.
  • Monday I had the day off and wasted it sleeping and watching TV.  I felt so guilty, and I didn’t even really enjoy it.
  • I have reached a different thought process in my life, totally different than about 4 years ago and before.  I hate sleeping, I hate wasting a day, I hate being couped up in my house.  I want to get out and do something whether it is productive or not.  I just don’t like to waste time sleeping.
  • Today I will pay bills, visit the bank, get a haircut, do some grocery shopping, and one or two other things outside the realm.
  • I have a cold or something.  It’s some fever (I think it’s broken now), headache, sore throat, cough, stuffy head, and a little fatigue.  I actually hope it’s a cold, that way I know it will be gone in a day or two.
  • Orlando finally took one.  They have to take one in Detroit to have a shot.  If not, Detroit will most likely be up against Boston for the East finals.
  • Kobe was awarded the league MVP, and LA won their 6th straight.  He’s predicting that LA will be playing into June.  I can’t really disagree with him at this point.
  • San Antonio is in deep.  They are going to need to do something really special to make it out of the semi’s against the Hornets. I am a true Heat fan, but my second team is the Spurs (if you are allowed to do that). I’ve been a big fan since the early days of the Admiral David Robinson.  But Tim Duncan and Toni Parker are just class acts.  We will see if they have the stuff to pull this one out.
  • I got a pat on the back at work and some certificates to the cafeteria for going to night shift for three weeks.  THANKS!  I feel so special.
  • I’m still tweetingChris, what’s up?  Are you coming or not?
  • I’ve been listening to Dave Matthews Band quite a bit lately.  Groovy.
  • Hillary is not going to quit until someone has the necessary votes even though the pundits say it’s over.
  • It’s kind of funny to me to see the party of Al Gore and the FL recount, the party of all the fuss about one man one vote, and the party which claimed that they are against the disenfranchising of thousands of voters to turn around and disenfranchise HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of voters in Michigan and Florida.
  • Someone needs to remind the DEMOCRATS that they are supposedly the party of DEMOCRACY.  The super delegate system is not democratic.  It is completely elitist.
  • The Democrat candidate is going to be determined by party officials and elite party members, not the rank and file Democrats who voted in the primaries.

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Like night and day.

For the past year, I have been working a night shift 5 to 6 days a week. My schedule was easy for me. I got up at 4pm, was at work by 5:30pm, and on my way out of the plant and on my way home around 6:30am. I almost forgot what the sun looked like. I made occasional journeys into the daylight for fishing trips or a quick run to Orlando for the weekend with my wife. But overall, I became a vampire. When I did get a day off, I had to sleep much of it away just to feel normal. That meant the only way to get a whole day off, was to get two days off and sleep one of them away. I spent most of my time on days off staying awake all night watching movies alone while Marcela was asleep. I must say, it wasn’t as tough on me as it was on Marcela. She ended up staying up way too late while I was at work and then suffered the next day dealing with her kids.

Two weeks ago, I was assigned to the day shift and I’m loving it. I get up at 4:15am, home by 7pm, in bed by 9:30pm so I can do it again. I stay up a little later on the night before a day off. It’s great to get to hang out with my family again. Instead of going to bed while Marcela was waking up to go to work, we both get to sleep together and she gets to hear me snore again. It’s been great for her, too, because now she is getting in bed early and sleeping a full night. Unfortunately, I will be out of church every other week due to my work schedule, but I will be able to enjoy the days I am at church.

The change in my schedule has been like night and day!


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