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Friday Bottom 3: Bad Products

Have you ever watched a commercial and thought “how ridiculous!”? Today’s bottom 3 are the silly products you have seen advertised and pushed on the public that make you wonder who is buying them. Whether it’s a commemorative gold plated coin that is passed off as having been minted by the US Treasury, or just a useless product that found it’s niche, many bad products continue to make money. If they didn’t, I am sure they would have disappeared by now.

3. The Clapper – Clap on, clap off, the clapper! Are you too lazy to flip the light switch on the wall? No problem, just clap your hands in bed and let there be light! I think this is just a novelty, because remote controls are available at just about anywhere lights and fans are sold. They are much quieter and they control more functions than just on or off for one lighting device. The commercial is classic, though!

2. Chia Pet – Ch-ch-ch-chia! Let’s see, you take a ceramic sheep or human head, spread some alfalfa seeds, water it regularly, and pretend that the sprouts are hair. I actually know people who have purchased Chia Pets.

1. Spray On Hair – This is a product that preys on the insecurity of men who are losing hair and are desperate for help. Bro, let it go! What’s more embarrassing: A thinning dome, or flecks of black or brown paint falling all over your clothes from your head?

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Top 5 Saturday: Infomercial Era Inventions

These are some of the best things that ever happened to the kitchen and garden! Well, some of them are just silly. But these are 5 of the most notorious, famous, and infamous inventions in the infomercial era! Enjoy the videos and links for what they are worth, even if they don’t exactly match the invention.

5. The Salad Shooter – With the name “Salad Shooter” I could not resist putting this one here. Apparently, you load this hand held device and it slices tomatoes, carrots, radishes, and such right out onto your salad in a shooting sort of way. I wonder if you could use it in an organized food fight, like paintball cucumber style!

4. The Ronco Spray on Hair – Are you serious? Some black spray paint and a cardboard cut out and you can save a good $25 bucks! This product was advertized heavily in the early 90’s, and I guess people actually bought it. After all, it’s still available for purchase.

3. The Garden Weasel – Again, a product with a silly name. This is a must for anyone with tough soil, moles, and the need to grow cabbage.

2. The Super Bass-o-matic 76! Use the whole bass with no cutting, scaling, or gutting! This is the greatest thing to happen for bass fishermen since the banjo minnow! Wait, reverse that.

1. The George Foreman Grill – Seriously, this is the best invention of all time. You can have a great burger, knock out the fat, and support George Foreman and his 30 George Foreman Jr’s all at the same time! I had one of these in college. Due to my Foreman Grill, along with my 486 50 dx PC, my room was always one of the most visited rooms in Cross Hall.

Feel free to add to my top 5 if you think you can top these.


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