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Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup

  • Made it to the theater for Church by 7:33 AM, 3 minutes later than I was supposed to. Jesse, Bill, Mike, and Rebecca were there before me, along with the set up guys.
  • Zech brought a friend today who is multi-talented in a big way. The kid is a “speed metal” banger on the drums, plays some mean electric lead, and also slaps the bass like a pro. I heard he also is pretty dern good on the keyboard too! I am looking forward to playing along side him in the future.
  • In the first service, Ritz drummed, Bill was on the electric, Rebecca on the keys, Jesse lead from acoustic guitar, and I played bass. Kyle, Nyrian, Julie, and Reina sang back-up.
  • The music today was fun to play. In the corporate worship, we sang “Better Days”, “Friend of God”, and “Enough” and for Communion we sang “God of Wonders”. For greeting Jesse led in “Where the Streets Have No Name” by U2. The worship was energetic and I could really sense that people were calling out for more of Jesus.
  • After worship, Jesse introduced Paul with a very exciting introduction, to which Paul responded by calling him a “midget Santana who sings like Bono”.
  • The Bumper video on the topic of anxiety featured Alex Santoyo, and was downright hilarious. The best part is Alex stating that he is tri-lingual and speaks Charlie Brown…”Wah wah wah”.
  • Travis spoke on the funk of anxiety. It was very relevant to today’s lifestyle and issues.
  • The youth also had another bake sale and Vic donated a Ken Dorsey autographed Miami Hurricanes helmet to help send kids to youth camp. Kudos to Vic for an item that will alone send more than 3 kids to youth camp!

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Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup by Marcela

by marcela johnson

Today’s service was full of surprises. The cafe had the usual caffeinated and decaffeinated options but in addition to different sorts of bagels and varieties of cream cheese, Life Pointers also had the option of choosing scones, muffins, or slices of cake from Starbucks.

In music, Kyle and Rebecca were welcomed into the band along with Jesse, Reina, & Julie to the following songs:

1) There Is Only You
2) Worth It All- led by Reina was very soulful.
3) You Are All I Need-was the communion song and was awe-inspiring.

This Sunday’s video focused on death. Geo, “Ritz” (David), and the other teens of “The Cure” did a great job on the video that dealt with grief and the untimely death of …a pair of socks.

Paul was the preacher in today’s sermon on “The Book of Philippians: The Funk of Death”. Pastor Paul touched on the idea that physical death is an inevitable phase in the cycle of life that is the product of the fall of Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden. (Yes, ladies, we need to admit that it’s our fault too.) Pastor Paul dealt with the question: how could the Apostle Paul face death without fear? The answer is not an easy one. Paul’s purpose in life was to magnify God; he did not consider death to be the end of life. In other words, Paul was convinced that God had his back… it didn’t really matter if Paul was killed or not because the message of Jesus Christ would be proclaimed either way. (If Apostle Paul’s life was spared, he could continue preaching the Word of God and if he was condemned to death, he would be considered a martyr and would get to know Jesus on a more personal basis.) Like Apostle Paul, we need to show confidence and trust in God… that He will be our Protector and our Guide because our physical DEATH is only temporary and will lead to everlasting LIFE.

Speaking of trust and confidence in God, Ela Ortega- a faithful member of Life Pointe Church was able to attend church today at the 10:30 a.m. service. Ela is a warrior of God- if you haven’t received a call from Ela to join the Hospitality Team or reminding you of your role to in helping either of the services, you just haven’t seen what Life Pointe is all about.
Just as a side note, in the past year, Ela has lost her loving husband (who survived a kidney transplant up to two years when doctors did not think he would make it), and she is now battling a respiratory disease (among other issues). Even so, Ela keeps smiling, hanging in there, proclaiming God as her one and only Savior. What a brave soul… way to go Ela!

After service, Pastor Travis held a pot-luck picnic and baptism at Homestead Bayfront Park. About 100 Life Pointe attendees showed up to the function. There was plenty of food (hotdogs, chicken, beans, rice, and delicious homemade peach cobbler) to go around. There was definitely some bonding in football and fellowship that took place. Pastor Travis and Pastor Paul baptized about 8 new followers in Christ. (This was interrupted by a male lifeguard who “kindly” asked that we scoot down the beach so that we wouldn’t interrupt the flow of the lifeguard stand. From then on, 3 members of Bayfront Park eyed us military style with appropriate vests and radios. Watch out world, Life Pointe is a dangerous church! ) Anyway, many of Bayfront Park’s attendees were interested in the going on’s of the baptisms… we even had a group of pleasantly intoxicated men clapping every time someone was baptized!

All in all, today’s events were interesting, lively, and brought attention to what we do at Life Pointe!

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