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LPC Talk Soup, Fay, and Michael Phelps

As of right now, your regularly scheduled Talk Soup has been postponed until next week. Due to the outage at Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant and school being back in session tomorrow, both regular guest writers may be unavailable. If anything changes, I will keep you posted.

Tropical Storm Fay looks to be on a path toward the central Florida area after it crosses over the FL Keys. The projected path sends it over the Gulf of Mexico and past our lat between Monday and Tuesday. PTN may be short on Hurricane volunteers so I may be held over tomorrow. I’m praying that it stays far enough west that we don’t get hit with the nasty wind and rain, and that when/if it lands it won’t hurt those on FL’s west coast.

Last night, I stayed up until after 11 PM to watch Michael Phelps break the record for most gold medals in one Olympic games. In the third leg of his 4×100 M medley relay, Phelps has a lightning fast split. He really pulled away from his competitors to give Lezak a nice cushion for the freestyle leg. It was an awesome moment! I am also relieved for him that now he gets to relax and enjoy the rest of the games without having to compete. It’s great to have seen history made, even though I am worn out and suffering because I didn’t go to bed at a decent hour. Phelps, at 23, is now arguably the greatest athlete in history. Keep in mind that Spitz won 7 golds in 13 races, Phelps won 8 golds but had to race 17 times to get them. Spitz had 7 world records, and Phelps won 7 world records. Phelps has already said that he will compete in London 2012. Congrats to Phelps and team USA!


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Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup

  • “I arrived at the theater at 7:33 to be greeted by Chris Day” was the first words out of Chris Day‘s mouth as he opened the front door at the theater this morning. 🙂
  • The set up was pretty much under way and in full swing by the time I got there.
  • I made it to pier 2 in order to set up my bass. Zech and Alex were coming over later with my amp head to use as a pre-amp.
  • The music today was great fun, and sounded great too. Most importantly, people entered into real heartfelt worship.
  • Jesse led from the acoustic, Rebecca was on the keys, Mike B was on the drums, Robert played lead on his 7 string electric, and I was on the bass. Reina had a bit of a hoarse throat, so she didn’t sing this morning. The vocalists were Kyle (with a short tie), Nyriem, and Julie.
  • The songs were “Those Who Trust”, “Say So”, “You’re My Healer”, and for communion we sang “Heart of Worship”.
  • Paul opened up a new message series, “Consumed”. He did a great job speaking about worship. What is worship? What are you worshiping?
  • Paul also gave the background to the song “Heart of Worship” which was beautiful.
  • After the first service and then the music from the second service, Marcela and I took a tour of the kids’ operations. The 5-12 was quite fun. When we went in, there were kids dancing all over the place to some jammin’ music. The 2-4 year olds were a lot more calm. They were seated nicely at the tables in a quiet and calm atmosphere eating snacks and drinking juice. The 0-2 year olds were all playing with the workers in a great environment. The workers had a great handle on the situation, and the babies (the ones that were awake) were very happy.
  • Following service, I was glad to have my dad over for a BBQ where I got to experiment for the first time with my brand new smoker box. It was perfect! We had grilled buffalo wings with blue cheese, BBQ chicken, salad, and chips with guacamole.

For another perspective on this morning at Life Pointe, visit Ritz for the Sunday Goosfaba.

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Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup

  • Made it to the theater for Church by 7:33 AM, 3 minutes later than I was supposed to. Jesse, Bill, Mike, and Rebecca were there before me, along with the set up guys.
  • Zech brought a friend today who is multi-talented in a big way. The kid is a “speed metal” banger on the drums, plays some mean electric lead, and also slaps the bass like a pro. I heard he also is pretty dern good on the keyboard too! I am looking forward to playing along side him in the future.
  • In the first service, Ritz drummed, Bill was on the electric, Rebecca on the keys, Jesse lead from acoustic guitar, and I played bass. Kyle, Nyrian, Julie, and Reina sang back-up.
  • The music today was fun to play. In the corporate worship, we sang “Better Days”, “Friend of God”, and “Enough” and for Communion we sang “God of Wonders”. For greeting Jesse led in “Where the Streets Have No Name” by U2. The worship was energetic and I could really sense that people were calling out for more of Jesus.
  • After worship, Jesse introduced Paul with a very exciting introduction, to which Paul responded by calling him a “midget Santana who sings like Bono”.
  • The Bumper video on the topic of anxiety featured Alex Santoyo, and was downright hilarious. The best part is Alex stating that he is tri-lingual and speaks Charlie Brown…”Wah wah wah”.
  • Travis spoke on the funk of anxiety. It was very relevant to today’s lifestyle and issues.
  • The youth also had another bake sale and Vic donated a Ken Dorsey autographed Miami Hurricanes helmet to help send kids to youth camp. Kudos to Vic for an item that will alone send more than 3 kids to youth camp!

For a different perspective on this morning’s service, be sure to check out:

Chris’s Sunday Morning Tossed Salad

Pastor Travis’ Wrap Up

Kelly’s Chick Kabob (Which will be updated shortly!)

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Day 8 Batching

This is the 8th full day as a bachelor. Only 13 more to go. Marcela will be heading to a new location in Idaho shortly. So far, she has seen lots of deer and even sent me a few pictures. She has also been swimming almost every day in a cold mountain lake. Her new location supposedly has more wildlife, but there will be no power to charge her phone. So for about 5 or 6 days, she won’t be communicating as much.

Doe in Idaho

Doe in Idaho

I work today, and since Marcela is out of town, we are expecting to have a guest writer for Life Pointe’s Talk Soup. Stay tuned!

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Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup 3/30/08 by Marcela

I wasn’t able to be at church this morning due to the necessity of bill paying. I spent my beautiful Sunday at the plant. Marcela said she would provide today’s Talk Soup.

By Marcela Johnson

Let me just first say that I was coerced into contributing to this Sunday’s blog… the things we do for love.

  • This morning I arrived at church just in time for the first service.
  • I rushed to get my morning cup of joe (caffeine being a necessary part of the daily routine to keep me sane), and proceeded to sit at the back aisle of the floor section with the rest of the Johnson women.
  • Jesse, Alex (the human metronome), and the rest of the Band were rocking the service with : 1 Friend of God, 2 Trading My Sorrows, 3 Say So (which was very energetic and got the crowd going), and 4 How Great Is Our God.
  • After the music, Jesse proceeded with the announcements. Let me just say that contortionist/comedian Jim Carrey has nothing on Jesse Santoyo.
  • Jesse has a way of contorting his body and face in such a way that he can resemble a blockhead, an alien, and a shrunken head in just a matter of seconds.
  • Beetle Juice I am having strange flashbacks to the movie “Beetle Juice“.
  • Who knew there were so many odd folk at Life Pointe? 🙂
  • Pastor Travis continued the service with the message “Why Did Jesus Come to the Earth?” The basic theme was that Jesus was sent from heaven to earth on a mission by God the Father but that in doing so He also came to fulfill three roles: as prophet, as priest, and as King.
  • Many times we may accept Jesus as prophet and King but not as priest (or vice-versa). In essence, we need to open all of ourselves to Jesus and not keep anything hidden from Him.

Thanks Marcela! I will see all of my LPC peeps next Sunday. Don’t forget to check out Pastor Trav’s wrap, Chris’ Tossed Salad, and Ritz’s Goosfaba.


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Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup 3/23/08

What a great Sunday morning. I have a lot of thoughts going through my head, so I will attempt to focus.

  • The new sound system was great, after all the bugs were worked out.
  • The 8:30 service started without a sound check or a walk-through and the result was a little feedback and no volume for Jesse, until Zech came in and rescued us with a swap of mics.
  • 9:40 service was better, there was more energy, and the sound was a little more consistent.
  • 10:50 was slammed, and the energy was off the chart. The music was definitely rockin.
  • Jesse led us in Pride In The Name Of Love, Say So, and Holy Is The Lord in the musical portion of worship.
  • Julie led us in Wonderful Cross during the invitation for people to give their hearts to the Lord.
  • There was a large response for people wanting to give their hearts to Jesus.
  • The Cold Play song Fix You with clips from Passion of the Christ along with scriptures was moving, and it reminded us of the meaning of Easter.
  • The permanent light installation will make things cleaner on the floor, and will make it easier in set up.
  • Even with all the last minute rushing, technical difficulties, and hecticness (is that a word?) the whole morning was a walk in the park compared to Friday’s egg hunt.
  • There were a ton of new faces in church. I hope to see them all back with a friend next week.


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