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Saturday Top 5: Fish for dinner?

I love fish. I like to catch them, I like to look at them, but most of all I like to eat them! If I had to choose only one protein source to eat, it would have to be fish. So here are my top 5 ways to prepare the best food source on earth. Trust me. You need to know this information.

#5. Let’s have us a fish fry! Deep fried country style, with grits, hush puppies, french fries, and cole slaw reminds me of when I was a youngin in the bradenton area. I prefer fillets of snapper, grouper, trigger fish, dolphin, sea trout, cod, catfish, and flounder, but I also dig some blue gill, speckled perch, tilapia, or even bass for a fish fry. Simply dredge the fillet in some egg then coat it with a mixture of corn meal, salt, pepper, and cayenne powder and then drop it into some hot oil. Dip it in some good tartar sauce. I like batter dipped fish well enough, but some good corn meal crusted southern style fish fry is my favorite way to fry.

#4. Grilled. This is better for you and not as heavy on the gut as #5. Be sure to have a clean grill, spray it with no stick spray, and make sure it is hot. Don’t over cook unless you like fish jerky! I like to use a little salt, pepper, dill weed, and finish with some fresh lemon juice and maybe a little pat of butter. For a richer flavor I prefer steaks of salmon, kingfish, and spanish mackerel. For a cleaner or milder flavor, I prefer steaks of tuna, cero mackerel, (my favorite) swordfish, or fillets of grouper.

#3. Ceviche. Did you know you can cook fish without heat? That’s right. Personally, I prefer my ceviche HOT HOT (as in spicy) but nice and chilled. Making ceviche is about the easiest way to prepare fish. First, you start out with fresh boneless fillets of a mild and flaky fish, preferably yellowtail, or mangrove snapper, or even grunt. Cut them in half inch chunks. Add fresh chopped onions, tomatoes, cilantro, and finely chopped jalapeƱos or your favorite hot pepper. Drench it with a good layer of fresh lime juice. Add a little salt and pepper to taste and pop it back in the fridge for about an hour. You can watch the fish go from opaque to white as the acids from the lime juice cook the fish. Serve it on a bed of lettuce with some good chewy or crusty bread or crackers. Now you’re talkin! Or is it eatin?

#2 Raw baby! Sushi (nigiri or sashimi). The Japanese know how to do fish. If you are going to eat sushi, it had better be fresh (never frozen). Pull a yellowtail up out of the water, off the hook, fillet it right there, slap some wasabi and soy sauce on it, and you’re eating some of the finest cuisine in the world! I would not ask you to try something I never have. I prefer ahi tuna, white albacore, and salmon for sushi, but yellowtail or any snapper, and yellowfin or bluefin tuna are all excellent choices.

#1. Taco time. Hands down, the best way to eat fish is with a slice of avocado, some fresh salsa, jack cheese, and sour cream on a warm soft flour tortilla. I have seen recipes where the fish is deep fried, but I prefer it charred on the grill or in the pan with some chipotle, salt, and pepper. Marcela makes some excellent salsa, so I just focus on getting the fish right. Sometimes I like to grill some onions for this tasty treat, almost like fajitas. My fish of choice for tacos or fajitas is good old dolphin/mahi mahi/dorado. Man, you wanna talk about good south Florida food? This is one of the best things about living in So Fla. When I’m out fishing for dolphin, when I see a school, it looks like a bunch of gold and green tacos swimming around in the ocean! If I have my choice, you can keep your fancy little blackened fish sandwiches, or your cute little flounder with lemon butter and capers over linguini. Give me some tacos!


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Saturday Top 5: My Favorite Miami Area Restaurants

I was going to call this Miami’s best restaurants, but I had to include a Monroe County joint that I really enjoy. As usual, these are locally owned joints. I am not going to list giant national chains in my choices. And these are not necessarily the finest restaurants. These combine quality of food, service, price, ambiance, and the deciding factor…. “I LIKE ‘EM”. So here we go!

5. El Nachito – Homestead. Gotta love it! It made my list of top 5 Homestead restaurants because of the excellent menu, personal attention, and most of all delicious Tex-Mex cuisine! Did you try the seafood enchiladas or fried cheesecake yet? What about the banana burito? Tell Frenchie I sent you.

4. Sea Siam – Pinecrest. The first time I went to Sea Siam, I had the sushi. It was very good. Turns out that this restaurant serves two separate menus: Japanese, and Thai. When I tried their Thai curry, this restaurant became one of my favorites. Not only is the atmosphere very appealing, but the menu is reasonable. I am stuck in a rut, though. Every time I go (which is about once every two or three months), I order the Tom Kar Gai soup (chicken, coconut milk, and lemon grass), and yellow or green curry with chicken.

3. Sundowners – Key Largo. I love seafood and I love the ocean/bay. This restaurant is right on the bay side of Key Largo and serves seafood, perfect combination! This makes for an amazing place to eat as the sun goes down over the water. The food is fresh, service is very good, and the atmosphere in the evening is beautiful. Also, during dinner you can see tarpon feeding on shrimp and bait fish from your table.

2. Shinju Japanese Buffet – Kendall. Sushi can be expensive. Sushi bars can also be skimpy to big mealers like yours truly. Shinju is under $20 per person and it’s all the sushi you can eat made to order. You can take selections that have already been set out or you can ask the sushi chef to prepare something just for you. If you don’t like sushi, they have tempura shrimp and veggies, a hibachi chef who will prepare food you select, crab legs, and a Chinese bar as well. The chocolate fountain is definitely a winner with Marcela. The owner is also very friendly and funny.

1. Flanigans – Kendall Drive. This has become a statewide chain, but it started here in Miami. This is my favorite restaurant on so many levels. I love seafood – they carry fresh dolphin, grouper, and tuna. I love Bar B Q – they have the best baby back ribs. I love sports and fishing – there are TV’s everywhere piping in game that’s on (but the volume is all the way down), the walls are decorated with replica fish like snapper, dolphin, grouper, wahoo, sailfish, etc., they have pictures of great fishing trips where people can display their catches, and they have a beautiful fish tank that you can enjoy while you’re waiting for a seat. At each table, there are trivial pursuit cards available to keep you entertained. The service is always prompt and friendly although very down to earth. If you don’t like being talked to casually, you should tell them, because they are not shy. Of course, they put on a pretty good St. Patrick’s Day show, with a bagpiper in a kilt playing throughout the restaurant and bar followed by a leprechaun handing out green roses to the ladies. All the customers at the tables get into the show banging out the beat for the bagpiper too. It’s a blast.


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