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Friday Bottom 3: Holiday Food

These are some foods that are most commonly associated with Christmas, New Year, and Thanksgiving.  If properly made, some of these are not so bad.  They have developed a bad reputation because either they are difficult to make or people skimp on the ingredients because they are expensive.

#3.  Mincemeat Pie – Why would anyone spend as much as it would take to make this strange concoction of dried fruits, nuts, meat, spices, and (not enough) sugar.  The crust tastes good, though.

#2.  Green Bean Casserole – The truth is, this world famous holiday casserole is not bad.  The biggest problem is when you make it with everything coming from a can: canned green beans, canned of cream of mushroom soup, and canned fried onions.

#1.  Fruitcake – I have had a good fruitcake before, and it’s decent.  Unfortunately, most fruitcakes would be better described as a petrified cake.  I have heard of one fruitcake lasting for 73 years before someone tried to consume it.  On the day it was consumed, it looked like it had just been made.

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  • I love Thanksgiving so much.  I am so grateful to have the time available.
  • I was planning on having to work today, and I looked forward to the money that comes from double time for two days (tomorrow is also a holiday).  But I decided that a little extra money is not as nice as having the time to spend with my wife and family.
  • There is Christmas music playing in my living room, two freshly made pumpkin pies in the fridge, a ham in the oven, a broccoli casserole being prepared by Marcela, and a orange/cranberry relish being chilled.  My mom is making the turkey and dressing, Kelly is preparing the rolls, mashed taters, and sweet potato casserole.  We are going to have a grand feast!
  • Marcela and I will go out tomorrow and buy a couple of things, and I am sure it will be a madhouse.  But unfortunately, we do not have a plan except that we will look for a few DVD’s.
  • Today we will eat, watch some football, play a few board games and Wii, and hopefully get a chance to watch some Christmas specials.
  • Max just got finished running around like a mad dog.  It was funny seeing him try to keep up with the neighbor’s Belgian Malanois.  The neighbor’s dog’s name is Phoenix, and she loves Max.  But Max is so low to the ground that he has to jump up to play with Phoenix.  Phoenix is an expert fetcher, but Max is just learning.

Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

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Wednesday Quotable – Thanksgiving

Thank you Lord, for giving me such a great wife and home.  Thank you for my brother, sister-in-law, nieces, nephew, mom, dad, and all the other wonderful blessings of family.  Thank you for your provision!

Some hae meat and canna eat, –
And some wad eat that want it;
But we hae meat, and we can eat,
Sae let the Lord be thankit.
~Robert Burns

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Brisk Thoughts

-Thanks to Chris for the cold weather alert. This chill we have had for the last 4 days has been great.
-Global warming is a funny thing. When it gets hot, they say it’s global warming (makes sense). When it gets unseasonably cold, they say it’s global warming. When it rains a lot, you guessed it! When it’s dry, that’s global warming too. When there are record frequency and strength, they say that’s from global warming. But don’t forget, we just had record low activity, so I guess that’s global warming too.
-Max loves the cool air. When I let him out, the cool air hits him and he just has to run. I guess he’s enjoying this global warming.
-I have a doctor’s appointment this morning. I’m actually at the doctor right now. Gotta get some updates on my BP and my weight.
-I’m doing OK on my nutritional plan. So far, I’m down 20 pounds since about July.
-Next week I have a planned cheat day or two because saying no to my mom’s cornbread dressing, sausage balls, and broccoli casserole will be almost impossible.
-I’ll probably hang out with my brother, Kelly, mom, and dad tonight for the big game. Miami has a tough game tonight against Georgia Tech that they pretty much must win. A win means we are one game against NC State from the ACC championship, probably a rematch against FSU.
-Marcela and I are watching 24 on DVD. We are at the end of season 2 right now. We’re trying to catch up with the whole series to date.
-I gave up double time on Thanksgiving and Black Friday via trade. So my schedule for the next week is that I work Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, then I get the next 5 days after that off.
-I may go spend a couple of days in the keys with Marcela, but one thing I have to do is take Marcela to a couple stores on Black Friday to grab a few DVD’s and maybe a few other items.
-Since it’s another weekend of work, I will see some of you guys next weekend at both Homestead and Plantation Key. I love being part of Life Pointe!

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Profiles HCOG/LPC: Giving Thanks with a Grateful Heart – Thanksgiving 1992

In light of the events of the weekend, specifically the egg hunt, I wanted to write about a massive event rather than a person, that was held on the church property following hurricane Andrew. Instead, I asked my dad to write about the event since he planned and executed: Giving Thanks With a Grateful Heart – Thanksgiving in Homestead 1992. Christmas in Homestead 1992 was equally as big, maybe bigger. But the Thanksgiving event was just amazing.

-By JT Johnson

Giving Thanks With A Grateful Heart(GTWAGH) was another in a long list of illustrious events in the storied history of Life-Pointe Church/HCOG that brought thousands of people together in one place. We announced that 10,000 hot turkey dinners would be served to any and all comers.

That was a real step of courage since Homestead had been dubbed “Bumstead” in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew. Squatting along the canals or in damaged abandoned buildings were thousands of homeless job seekers/opportunists in search of a fast buck, a government handout or free meals; they would be glad to have a Turkey Dinner on Thanksgiving. We were glad to serve them, too, but we were really just trying to remind our town to be thankful to The Lord for the really important stuff–our families and our lives. Our housing could be replaced.

We had it all lined up, we thought. TBN purchased the turkeys, a local trucking company provided a refrigerated semi tractor-trailer to keep the food cold and CBN’s Operation Blessing donated thousands of bibles. Bill Bailey, brother of the OJ trial lawyer F. Lee Bailey, raised and donated thousands of dollars for this event and another one at Christmas time. We had all the food, T-shirts, shelter and paper goods/plates we needed. Funding providentially came in many sources. We had plenty of volunteers lined when one hundred twenty-five students/ teachers from West Virginia University heard about it the week before and asked if they could help.

Everything was just perfect until two days before Thanksgiving. Press releases went out to every major news outlet and calls were coming in from the press.

Then our volunteer cook welched on us and I was up the proverbial creek with no means of propulsion. I wanted to resign. Self-destruction seemed for a moment or two somewhat more pleasant than no cook.

Hungry Harry
, Official caterer for the NFL Tampa Bay Bucs and personal friend of Bucs’ owner Hugh Culverhouse, got a call from me about 10 pm two days before Thanksgiving asking him to cook for us. He dropped what he was doing for three days and bailed us out. Whewww!! Life was sweet.

GTWAGH was a success amidst the ruins of our roofless sanctuary, unrepaired as yet. We were on the front page of our local paper, the Miami Herald did a multi-page article and USA Today included a picture with a brief mention of our church. AP news wires carried the story of the church with no roof serving South Florida 10,000 hot Turkey Dinners and a few days later the Hurricane Insurance Information Center sent me a copy of an article about it from the Sacramento Bee.

A few days later the foundation started by President George H. W. Bush, “Points of Light” and the charitable “Sears Foundation” awarded me the Hurricane Hero Award for conspicuous service to the survivors of Andrew. I didn’t feel like a hero. Harry was the hero. I was just doing what God gave me opportunity to do. Besides Anne and Phillip were right there with me all the way and they deserved it if anyone did.

I remember the crowds of people gathering, the slosh under foot from grass and dirt being walked on until it became mud, and the tents where the food was being prepared and served.  That was a crazy time and it was so much work.  The egg hunt actually gave me a couple of flashbacks to the Giving Thanks event, and the Christmas in Homestead.  Not everyone has the opportunity to go through one of those events, but it is a character shaping time.


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