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Top 5 Saturday – Bad buzzwords 4/5/08

I have been guilty of using some of these clichés and expressions, but they are overused and should be limited. The effectiveness of an expression is reduced when applied to every sentence. Clichés are bad, m’kay? So at the end of the day, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will cut to the chase and stop being the pot calling the kettle black by acting as if it’s all good to use clichés at every turn.

5. LOL – This is one of my bad habits. I just throw it in there to let people know that I was kidding, or that what they typed was somewhat funny. I am not really sitting here behind my computer Laughing Out Loud. If I was actually Laughing Out Loud, I would type ROFLOL (Rolling On the Floor Laughing Out Loud). By the way, I don’t really roll on the floor while audibly laughing. I couldn’t actually type while doing that.

4. Whatever! That is some very weak sarcasm. If someone said something I didn’t like, I think I could come up with something more creative than “whatever”. I can also picture some teeny-bopper rolling her eyes with her hand on her hip and one foot cocked out in front of the other with a “valley girl” accent.

3. It is what it is. This is a phrase which is mostly popular among athletes and young people who desire to sound philosophical when they really have nothing to say.  Someone makes a comment or asks a question and the person does not want to answer, has no answer, or wants to make the person feel like they are responding.  It’s a bit of a cop out.

2. I could care less. This is one that is just improperly used. The sentence is grammatically proper, but the cliché puts forth a meaning exactly opposite of the intended meaning. When someone says “I could care less”, they mean that they don’t care, and could NOT care any less. Why do people keep saying that?

1. To be completely honest – What? You mean usually you are not completely honest, but this time you really want me to believe you. That just makes me not believe what you are saying even more. If you are not usually honest enough for me to believe you, then how do I know that your “to be completely honest” qualifier is actually honest?


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