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Friday Bottom 3: TV Talk Shows

These are the three most annoying talk shows I have seen before.

#3 Jenny Jones – On too many occasions, Jenny Jones set up dramatic situations of all types of “crushes” from people who were totally unexpected.  It ended up resulting in the murder of one of her guests.

#2 Ricki Lake – What can be said about this annoying show?  Too many boot camps and makeovers!

#1 Maury Povich – I guess every TV talk show has a gimmick.  On Jerry Springer, it’s fighting on Geraldo, it was throwing chairs, Montel has horrible psychics, well Maury’s is that you run behind the stage when things get tough.  When I am clicking through the channels and Maury is on, I have to change it quickly because it is like a black hole.  YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER!


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Fried Thoughts

  • I have the day off today.  Marcela and I made a list of things to do for today so I will make it productive unlike Monday.
  • Monday I had the day off and wasted it sleeping and watching TV.  I felt so guilty, and I didn’t even really enjoy it.
  • I have reached a different thought process in my life, totally different than about 4 years ago and before.  I hate sleeping, I hate wasting a day, I hate being couped up in my house.  I want to get out and do something whether it is productive or not.  I just don’t like to waste time sleeping.
  • Today I will pay bills, visit the bank, get a haircut, do some grocery shopping, and one or two other things outside the realm.
  • I have a cold or something.  It’s some fever (I think it’s broken now), headache, sore throat, cough, stuffy head, and a little fatigue.  I actually hope it’s a cold, that way I know it will be gone in a day or two.
  • Orlando finally took one.  They have to take one in Detroit to have a shot.  If not, Detroit will most likely be up against Boston for the East finals.
  • Kobe was awarded the league MVP, and LA won their 6th straight.  He’s predicting that LA will be playing into June.  I can’t really disagree with him at this point.
  • San Antonio is in deep.  They are going to need to do something really special to make it out of the semi’s against the Hornets. I am a true Heat fan, but my second team is the Spurs (if you are allowed to do that). I’ve been a big fan since the early days of the Admiral David Robinson.  But Tim Duncan and Toni Parker are just class acts.  We will see if they have the stuff to pull this one out.
  • I got a pat on the back at work and some certificates to the cafeteria for going to night shift for three weeks.  THANKS!  I feel so special.
  • I’m still tweetingChris, what’s up?  Are you coming or not?
  • I’ve been listening to Dave Matthews Band quite a bit lately.  Groovy.
  • Hillary is not going to quit until someone has the necessary votes even though the pundits say it’s over.
  • It’s kind of funny to me to see the party of Al Gore and the FL recount, the party of all the fuss about one man one vote, and the party which claimed that they are against the disenfranchising of thousands of voters to turn around and disenfranchise HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of voters in Michigan and Florida.
  • Someone needs to remind the DEMOCRATS that they are supposedly the party of DEMOCRACY.  The super delegate system is not democratic.  It is completely elitist.
  • The Democrat candidate is going to be determined by party officials and elite party members, not the rank and file Democrats who voted in the primaries.

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Top 5 Saturday – TV commercials in my lifetime

I can’t give you the greatest commercials ever, because there are too many commercials of which I am not aware or have no connection since I am only 32. So these commercials in my top 5 are the ones which are most memorable to me.

5. 1984 won’t be like 1984 – It was the year of the Olympics in LA, and it was the year Apple introduced the Macintosh. It’s a seriously good commercial that still holds up technically. If it had either more substance or more humor to it I would have listed it as my #1. Regardless, it was a brilliant commercial. When I watch The Matrix and Neo is freed, I am reminded of this commercial. It has the same feel. Everyone is trapped and everything is being spoon fed to living yet mindless robots. FREE YOUR MIND!

4. “Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?” Grey Poupon is so fine, it’s even made from white wine. “But of course!” This is one of life’s finer pleasures. How do I know? Because some guy in a Rolls-Royce has it in his glove box. Seriously though, who hasn’t pulled up alongside you and asked for some Grey Poupon? Happens to me all the time.

3. “Wassuuuuuuuup“. I don’t drink and I don’t make the suggestion that you drink. I am not endorsing Budweiser. But this commercial was bigger than the beer! Growing up, everybody had a set of buddies and they had their own way of communication, and their own style. There were a couple others in this series: “Wassabi“, “Wassup Girlfriend“, and my favorite of the series “What are you doing?” This commercial still makes me smile because it kind of reminds me of some of my old friends. This is one of many hilarious and memorable Budweiser commercials, including the Bud-weis-er frogs, “I LOVE YOU MAN!”, and Cedric the Entertainer shaking it up on a date. But this one kind of filtered into everyday life. Don’t tell me you have never called someone on the phone and said “wassuuuuuuuuuuup!”

2. “Would you please pass the Jelly?” In a southern somewhat hickish accent, a young feller asks the rich hosts to pass the jelly, when he should have said “Pass the Polaner’s All Fruit.” My family still jokes about this when we get together for breakfast. Don’t dare call it jelly!

1. This Wendy’s commercial became a social statement, a metaphor, and so much more than just a commercial about hamburgers. To this day politician and officials are asked this simple question when it is apparent theya have more style than substance. That’s why it’s #1. “Where’s the beef?”


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