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Monday Armchair QB

This was a big week! The Miami Dolphins at this point last year were 0-13. With three games to play this year, the Dolphins are guaranteed not to finish with a losing record. The record stands at 8-5 and the Dolphins are in a 3 way tie for first place. Miami plays two surging teams in KC and San Fran, and finish against the Jets in what could very well be a defacto playoff game. Who’da thunk it?

The Hurricanes finished the season 4-4 in the conference and 7-5 overall. They have been extended a bid to play the Cal Bears in San Francisco in the Emerald Bowl.

The Orange Bowl game here in Miami to determine the national championship will host the SEC champion Florida Gators who defeated Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide of Alabama vs the Big 12 champion Sooners who set the NCAA record for points in a season scoring 5 straight games of at least 60 points. This will be a great matchup. I still can’t say which team I expect to win, but I will certainly enjoy watching.

In fantasy football, I am going to lose to Jesse’s Fuserheads for the second time, which will lock up his playoff spot despite not even adjusting his roster all year. Ritz is behind the 8 ball, however. If he loses, he will miss the playoffs since Bachrach has beaten the Dead Skins this week. Ritz has Carolina’s Steve Smith tonight while the Buzzards have Dunn and Tampa’s Defense. The matchup is very even with the Buzzards leading by 1 point going into the game.

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Monday Armchair QB


I am distraught, downtrodden, deeply saddened, and discombobulated after yesterday’s loss to the lowly Houston Texans. I didn’t get to watch the game, but I did listen to the radio as Houston made the final drive. With a 4th down and 10 with about one minute to play, Andre Johnson (one of my favorite Hurricanes) made a great catch for a first down taking the ball away from the Dolphin defender. A fumble which would have ended the game was overturned by replay, an interception which would have ended the game was overturned by replay, and after all was said and done, Houston had one last chance to win on the 4 yard line with a few ticks left on the clock. My first thought was “watch out for the draw.” But then I thought, “No, that’s a college call.”. After all, no NFL team would not keep a spy on the QB with the field spread and no) in the backfield. Well, no NFL team except Miami, apparently. Schaub took the snap and ran the old QB draw. He was untouched to the endzone for the score and a Houston win.

This one really hurts. Miami had this game won, so it seemed, on two or three occasions. But, it also appeared that the game was lost, too.

In college ball, the #5 Longhorns shocked us all by beating the #1 Sooners and taking over the 1st place position in the polls while Time Tebeaux’s Fleauxrida totally demolished the Tigers. Neither UF nor LSU are out of the title picture in what has been a crazy year thus far.

Miami had to struggle to beat a lousy UCF team. One week, the defense is off and the offense is on, the next week it’s reversed. If we could put together a complete package, this team would be pretty dern good. Well, there’s always next year (I’m going to start sounding like a Gator or Seminole if I’m not careful).

Tomorrow’s fantasy football report will be pretty big. If everything holds, there will be a pretty major shake up in the league, and a 4 way tie for first place. Pastor Trav looks solid for his first win, Ritz the Rookie continues his winning ways, Paul needs 17 from Jamal Lewis to beat me (possible but unlikely), and The Fuser Heads look solid for their 4th win as well.

Chris Day is kickin some tail in the 2nd Chance pickem league.


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