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Saturday Top 5: Terriers

Terriers, in my opinion, are just great.  From their fighting spirit, to their funny personality, there isn’t much that I don’t like about Terriers.  If I had to pick one characteristic that is not always the best, it’s that they are more stubborn than most groups.  I am not including falsely named terriers in this list, like the Yorkshire Terrier, Boston Terrier, or Tibetan Terrier.  But first here are some honorable mention before listing my 5 favorite terrier breeds.

Irish Terrier – Truly an affectionate terrier with a desire to protect.  These are not the most pleasant to touch because of their harsh wiry fur.  But they are smart and loyal.

Wire Fox Terrier – I really want a Wire Fox but I could not handle the constant search for prey.  They have an insatiable desire to hunt, bark, dig, play, and even fight.  Non shedding and hypoallergenic.

#5 Scottish Terrier – When Marcela decided she really wanted to get a dog, Scotties were on our top 3 choices.  They look like little old men, they are a little less prone to fighting than bull terriers or Jack Russell’s, their energy level is more subdued than most terriers, and they are manageable concerning their grooming needs.  Unfortunately, they are not very readily available in South Florida, and I didn’t want to shell out over $1000 for pups to be shipped from a reputable dealer.  No shedding and mostly hypoallergenic.

#4 Norwich/Norfolk Terrier – The Norwich was also in our top 3 but they are more than twice as much (Roughly $2000-2500) as a Scottie and much harder to find.  They are very small for a terrier (10-12 lbs) but they are not lapdogs and have the heart of a lion.  The differences between Norwich and Norfolk are the ears (Norwich is pricked, Norfolk is down) and their temperament (Norwich is more companion, Norfolk is more hunter).  Very little shedding.  When we found that Cairn Terriers are being mixed with Norwich/Norfolk or are just straight up sold as Norwich on the internet, we decided that it was best not to buy online unless the breeder was recommended by the Norwich Norfolk Club.  There were no puppies available and when they were to become available, they would be too expensive.  They look like a little solid block of dog in a compact body!

#3 Welsh Terrier – Trav and Kelly had a Welsh named Tori, and I loved it.  She was a smart, loyal friend who was so good with Kourtney while she was newborn to 2 years old.  Tori had a heart-breaking accident and is sorely missed in the family.  They are much like the Irish in personality, but they are less harsh to the touch and a little smaller in size.  I think this is one of the greatest breeds of dog, but they are hard to find and expensive.  No shedding either!

#2 Bull Terrier – Maggie, my dog from 1993-2004 was a fawn colored bullie.  These guys are clowns and they live to make you laugh, no joke!  They are feisty, scrappy (as any terrier could be), noble, strong, loyal, and smart.  They have a strong drive to destroy other dogs unless completely socialized as a pooch.  They also shed, which is a downer.  But you can’t go anywhere with a Bull Terrier without generating attention.  Be sure to feed them beeno (or whatever you can get for dogs) because they create gusts of wind all the time.

#1 Kerry Blue Terrier – This is the most beautiful dog and one of the best watchdogs of all the breeds.  They are used in police work in Britain.  It is classic terrier with a strong prey drive, hunting instinct, watchful, smart, and loyal.  This dog is far too big and too demanding with the grooming and energy level for me to consider, but if I had the money and time to invest in grooming and training I wouldn’t think twice.


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