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My Own Thoughts

-For 5 months, overtime has been virtually non existent for me. I have worked 2 days of OT since September.

-New graduating classes, rough job market (people are hanging on to the job they have), and projects closing out combined to turn 5-10 overtime slots into 3 or more extra personnel every day, more or less.

-The only way to get overtime was to wake up on your off day at 4 AM and call in to see if the shift was running short from call outs or new projects that popped up.

-Today will is the third day of OT for me in the past 3 weeks. It’s very helpful considering that I am going on vacation.

-Today also marks a raise for me, which is going to be amplified by my OT.

-I interviewed on Monday for operations. I have been told that 40 people are fighting for 15 job openings. In all, I feel my chances are pretty slim this go around, but if this door is shut then I trust God.

-Hind sight is 20/20. I have learned so much from all my mistakes and even successes. God is so good even when (especially when) I don’t deserve it.

-This year is about 18% over. It seems like we just celebrated New Year’s Day. Wow!

-I can’t wait to get my $13 extra each week in my paycheck. This is what Democrats call a substantive tax cut.

-What’s up with Pelosi dancing around like a giddy school girl during Obama’s address to the congress? How did she get where she is?

What is the website number to track porkulus spending?


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Monday Morning Shenanigans

After staying up way past my bedtime last night installing new apps on Marcela’s BlackBerry, I woke up at 4 am to the sound of my own voice yelling at me from across the room on my alarm. Marcela thinks it’s the most annoying alarm in history, and I just consider it to be the most effective. I goofed off a little too long on the internet this morning, so I was running 10 minutes behind schedule. Late, even by 1 second, at my job is unacceptable. After 4 lates, you are unemployed. After 1 and 1/2 years here at Turkey Point I have yet to be late.

My plan for avoiding lates at work is that I must be on the road by 5:15, not one second later. I am usually driving by 5:05, and it takes roughly 10 minutes to get to the plant on a normal day, and then another 5 minutes to process into the plant. Briefing starts at 5:40 sharp, so that leaves me with a 10 minute cushion for getting my equipment and paperwork when I leave at 5:15. I usually use that 10-15 minutes for a cup of coffee too. I subtract 10 minutes from my start time during the outages due to increased traffic.

Because I was running late this morning, I didn’t get a chance to eat my breakfast at home. I took some scrambled eggs in a small container for breakfast, which I ate prior to briefing in the break room. Marcela will find the frying pan this morning when she wakes up. I also had to put my lunch together this morning, which is part of my morning ritual. That ritual includes getting up at 4AM to read some blogs, message boards, and emails, shower and shave, iron my uniform, polish up my shoes, cook breakfast and lunch, turn on the birdies’ lights, and kiss Marcela goodbye for the day. I hop in the car and listen to my music on the way to work.

So here it is, 6:46 AM as I type, having armed up and relieved the night shifter, completed my paper work, inventory, and radio check. The rest of the day is usually in cruise control when I get in an easy rotation.

Many times I accomplish more on a Monday by 7 AM than some people do all day. 🙂


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Thought Omelet

-Day 12 of my bachelorhood is here. I am doing OK in case you wanted to know. The birds and plants are still alive.

-I have not heard from Marcela in two days now. She is at a camp with no electricity so she cannot charge her phone. I can hardly wait for her to get back.

-Life group last night was great. Jason facilitated and we discussed the parable of talents and it was a great discussion.

-It’s looking good for a fishing trip on Monday and/or Thursday. Overtime at work has almost totally disappeared.

-I have a trade and a special request not to get mandatory overtime on July 30 and 31. That would be lobster mini season. My brother and I will be catching some bugs.

-No overtime is good and it’s bad. It’s good so I can relax a little. It’s bad because I wanted to work as much as possible until Marcela got back.

-I decided to save on gas mileage and drive Marcela’s beautiful little Chevy Cavalier (it’s a gorgeous little car!) to work instead of the truck while she is away. A few people at work have laughed at the little thing. I don’t blame them one bit, but I will continue to save the money.

-I found a site for free games for my Blackberry. I have sudoku now. 🙂

-The Citizen Cane is now the #1 result when you google the term “annoying songs” because of this post which is now my #1 most visited post of all time, and also #1 when you search google for pictures using the term “beetle juice shrunken head” because of this post.

-I’m really look forward to church this week. Word on the street is that the videos this week are going to be some of the funniest ever.


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Thoughts Benedict

And now for some personal venting… brace yourself.

  1. “Sick” is going around bigtime in the Johnson kingdom.  I was diagnosed two days ago with sinusitis and was given antibiotics.  I have had it since Friday when I went to my job’s site medical to get some cold medicine.  I had fever, chills, headache, body ache, and sore throat.  I stuck it out at work though, but it turned out to NOT be a cold.  I also had pink eye (which is now cured thanks to my sulfur eye drops.
  2. Marcela was diagnosed with the same sinusitis a couple weeks ago, and then she got sick in her digestive system the day before yesterday.  She has been coughing hardcore for the past two weeks.  The cough that we now both have is driving us both NUTS.  I feel like I am going insane.  😦  My little Marcela said the same thing.  Prescription cough medicine is doing very little to help.
  3. Whatever stomach problem she had, I now have.  I went to work this morning at 5 AM, and left fatigued due to coughing all night and doing other things all night.  I RARELY miss work.  I can endure a cold, but stomach problems really get me.
  4. I went to bed at 9:30 PM and when I got out of bed at 4 AM, my dinner from the night before was still in my throat.  I have been asleep all day trying to let it go. Thank you Lord, I am feeling quite a bit better right now.
  5. Kelly and Kourtney were sick all day Tuesday, and now McKenna is sick with the same stomach problems. My dad called out of work today with stomach problems, and I just found that out when my mom (who is also sick with the stomach problems) came by my house to bring me Emetrol.  WHAT’S GOING ON?!?!

Now that I have that off my chest I can get on to my thoughts…

  • 2 major disasters have struck Asia in the last week.
  1. Between 100,000 and 250,000 are dead in Burma due to a cyclone and flooding, with more death on its way due to the communist/military regime that will not allow outsiders in to help.
  2. China’s Sichuan Province was hit with a magnitude 7.9 earthquake and more than 15,000 are already dead.  Government officials (who are only a little more open than the Burmese Junta) estimate that about 20,000 more are buried under the ruins of their homes, schools, and businesses.  I have seen some of the video of the actual earthquake and it is unbelievable.  The pictures and videos of the rescue and recovery are heartbreaking.  Lord help them.
  • Breakfast with Trav and Chris on Tuesday was great.  We talked about blogging and expand our internet empires.  Chris is trying to say that he is subsidizing my web traffic with his blog.  LOL I still can’t get him to enter the Twitter world yet, but I am working on it.  But I did get some hints on how to increase traffic.  I found out that Saturday is usually the slowest traffic day for Trav and Chris.  I guess due to my top 5 it is a little bit of a boost for my Saturdays.
  • I just bought a Wii entertainment system, and it was delivered today.  Unfortunately, I am too sick to even open it up.  But if anyone is interested in getting a beat down in boxing, or whipped in tennis, or something like that, let me know and we will arrange for it to happen.  This weekend I will open the box and set it up.
  • I’m going to get my stuff together and go to the production and music meeting today at the church office. If you are there, forgive me in advance for looking like garbage.


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State of the Blog Address

-Today is my first day back on day shift. I will no longer live the vampire’s life. I should be able to continue writing at work depending on my post assignment.

-Blog traffic was higher than normal over the weekend. Previously in the past week, I had hit a three week low in traffic right after a record high. Kind of strange.

-I have been keeping a blogging schedule which included an entry on Tuesday’s which profiled a person or event at Life Pointe/Homestead Church of God. While I am not ending those entries, I will not be writing them on a weekly basis.

-Marcela will have to write the Talk Soup this Sunday. Due to my work schedule, I will not be able to be at church every other Sunday. This Sunday will be my first Sunday back on days. I’ll miss it a bunch. Especially since Bill’s band “The Messengers” will be leading praise and worship and this will be week two of “Fortune Cookie” the series. The first week was awesome!

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All the Way Thoughts

  • This concludes my Waffle House themed thoughts. I am going to have to come up with a new theme.
  • Blog traffic hit an all-time high on Saturday almost doubling my previous high.
  • Blog traffic on Sunday nearly doubled Saturday’s record traffic.
  • Traffic spiked for several reasons: The situation at Biscayne Bay with our Baptism, my top 5 annoying songs generated traffic from a Melanie Safka fan site (some of them were upset that I would state “Brand New Key” was an annoying song), and a link from a sports blog called “Heard in the Cheap Seats” linked my opinion about the Pistons loss to the Sixers and the unbeatable Boston Celtics.
  • Night shift is turning my brain to jello. I sit in a box 12 hours a night usually alone.
  • Night shift has been good in a way, because once again I can go to church every Sunday; I’m just so tired when I get off work that as soon as the 1030 service music is over I have to go home and crash!
  • I’m blogging from my BlackBerry again tonight. It’s a good thing I have this thing or the jello that was once my brain would be totally liquified.
  • Have I mentioned how much I like my BlackBerry Curve? ATT was giving a free refurbished Curve or BlackJack II with each new or extended contract. Unfortunately that deal ended today.
  • If you have a Yahoo Messenger account, feel free to add “dont_touch_the_ibis” to your friends list. That would be me, and I have messenger on my phone. In the middle of the night I get bored many times so I’m looking for someone to chat with while I am passing my 12 hours.
  • Vic is getting a little crazy about the Lakers as a 1 seed in the west beating an 8. Calm down Vic!
  • Hillary is hanging in there having won Pennsylvania by nearly 10 pts, but word on Drudge is that Pelosi, Dean, and Reid are going to try and put an end to the race and push it to Barack Obama.
  • The Texas polygamist case is going to be a nightmare statutorily for the courts, attorneys, judge(s), investigators, and case managers. How do you take a system in a small county meant to handle a handful of cases a day and throw in over 400 children and family members, and still make deadlines, ensure everyone is fairly represented, and make sure that everyone involved is qualified and not overworked?
  • The word for the week is RICE. Make sure you are stocked up! Just kidding. Seriously though, according to FOX News this morning, COSTCO and Walmart are rationing rice because some people and restaurants were buying it by the pallet. Rice is up 70% at the grocery store since this time last year.
  • Next week, I will be redesigning a few things on my blog.
  • I am still tweeting on Twitter.
  • It’s been pretty chilly and windy here at the plant around 5am.
  • Today was my mom’s birthday. Be sure to wish her a happy 29th birthday!.


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The Youth Fair and vicious bunnies

Phil and Marcela at the Youth FairYesterday afternoon, Marcela and I enjoyed a day at the fair. We spent most of our time in the exhibits looking at the artwork and school projects. Marcela always fusses at me when we go to the fair because I kinda sorta in a way rush her through the exhibits. Being a school teacher, she is always interested in seeing what she could submit to the fair for exhibition. She loves to look at all the presentations the kids make, especially the ones about different cultures. We also enjoyed the awesome carnival foodage! I had half a gyro, half an order of curly fries, half an arepa (Kelly’s favorite), half a virgin pina colada, one corndog, and a couple of mini donuts with cinnamon and sugar. It really was delicious, but I promise it was not as much as it seems! 🙂

We also spent quite a bit of time looking at the rabbits, the geese, the chickens, turkeys, quails, hatching chicks, pheasants, and a very beautiful peacock. Wilsonetta would have been swooning over that fancy guy!

Holland Lop

Marcela fell in love with a little brown Holland Lop (first place in his category) that wanted to be petted so bad that he stuck his little bunny nose against the cage and didn’t move an inch as long as Marcela was petting him. The animal keeper for the rabbits and guinea pigs informed us that this sweet little guy who really does love attention and seems so innocent is actually mean to him. He said the rabbit bites him every time he sticks his hand in the cage to feed or clean him. He demonstrated this by trying to give the little guy some hay and the rabbit ran at him like a little rabbit shaped attack dog, started flinging hay everywhere in the cage, and tried to bite him! The Rabbit of Caerbannog wasn’t quite this vicious.

Finally, we had enough walking around, food, exhibits, cattle shows, salesmen pushing their leather and jewelry cleaners, etc., so we took off so I could be in bed to be up for another workday. Thankfully, I got to work this morning and they sent me home since I was the highest in NRC hours. I got paid for 4 hours but didn’t have to do anything but sit through the 15 minute briefing. WOOHOO! Maybe I will go back to the fair today. Just kidding.


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Scattered thoughts


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Sunday Life Pointe Talk Soup

OK, I couldn’t be at church today due to work. But I have my ambassadorette, Marcela, there in my place. I hope the coffee is tasty! I expect that the service will be a blast, the music will be outstanding, and everyone will get and give something very meaningful today. See you next week!


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“I wish the day would hurry up!”

Have you ever said or thought,”I sure wish this day would hurry up and end,” or,”I wish the time would hurry up!”? I have been guilty of saying and thinking that many times. I never really thought about the consequences of my wish; I just wanted to go home from work, get out of a tough situation, go on vacation, or something along those lines. What was I really wishing? I was wishing that a part of my life would pass me by. Do you realize that your bad days, your tough times, your boring workday, and your times of sorrow are all part of your life as much as the rewards, the vacations, and all the good times? They may not always be enjoyable, but tough times are part of your existence. It reminds me of the movie Click. Yea, it’s a bit corny, but has a good principle. If you go around cutting out all the parts of your life that are not fun, or completely enjoyable, you wake up asking yourself where the time went. Besides, the bitter and sour only make the sweet taste sweeter.


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