The Top 5

The Top 5, which is published on this blog each Saturday, is the number one feature on this blog and generates roughly 60% of all traffic on a daily basis. The traffic comes from search engine results and from visitors who frequently check in to read those specific entries. This page will give you a chance to look back at all the Top 5’s published since the inception of this blog.

Top 5 Movie Quotes

Top 5 Music Made for Movies

Top 5 Reasons to Visit/Live in Homestead

Top 5 Bad Buzzwords

Top 5 Local Restaurants (Homestead)

Top 5 Most Annoying Songs

Top 5 Commercials in my Lifetime

Top 5 Informercial Era Inventions

Top 5 Funny Songs

Top 5 Favorite Miami Area Restaurants

Top 5 Classic Arcade Video Games

Top 5 80’s Bands

Top 5 Classic Muscle Cars

Top 5 Florida Amusement Park Rides

Top 5 Fish for Dinner

Top 5 Comedians

Top 5 Sci-Fi Movies

Top 5 Rock and Roll Guitar Solos

Top 5 Significant Speeches in American History

Top 5 Drummers

Top 5 Songs Named After a Woman

Top 5 Lobster for Dinner

Top 5 Reasons to Attend Life Pointe Church

Top 5 USA Moments in Olympic History

Top 5 Quarterbacks

Top 5 Movie Remakes

Top 5 Carnival Foods

Top 5 Excuses to Get Out of a Ticket

Top 5 Breakfast

Top 5 Mel Gibson Flicks

Top 5 Phil Collins Tunes

Top 5 Terriers

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