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Saturday at the Seaquarium

Dolphin at the “Top Deck Dolphin Show” at the Miami Seaquarium.

I snapped this cool picture of a 41 year-old dolphin jumping through a hoop on the top deck dolphin show at the Seaquarium Saturday afternoon.


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Life Pointe Sunday soup

Chris always writes a Sunday salad, Travis has a low carb Sunday wrap, so I will give the Sunday Life Pointe soup.

Week two of “Fully Engaged”.

  • A couple of tech glitches in both the 9 and 1030 services. Speakers and subs went out between the 9 and 1030, the stage right side of the speakers were out for part of the 9 and again went out at the start of the 1030.
  • A few people forgot to set their clocks forward and came early for the 1030… or late for the 9.
  • Communion service was very gripping. You could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit as we sang “Jesus’ Blood“.
  • Paul brought to us the meaning of the word “Worship”. In the Hebrew, the most common meaning is to lay prostrate before someone of importance in order to honor him. In English, worship is from the root word “worth” and the suffix “-ship”. To give worth.
  • Worship is not just music. Worship is everything you do that gives honor to God.
  • We sang Friend of God, One Way Jesus, You Are My King (Amazing Love), and Jesus’ Blood.

In music rehearsal Thursday night, Jesse talked about the musical aspects of worship, and that the genera of worship was not the important aspect. Funny, Paul mentioned the same thing today. Jesse also encouraged us to honor the Lord by sharpening our skills on our instruments and vocal abilities.

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